Sunday, February 8, 2015

Day 39 - Wicked Sticky Pecan Buns

These caught our eye because of the cool name.  WICKED STICKY Pecan Buns!  Cool, eh?  Of course we walked around the store saying, “Wicked Sticky” in our fake Boston accents.  We thought the adverb “wicked” was modifying the adjective “sticky”.  It was not until the next morning when we ATE said buns that we realized WICKED was modifying PECAN BUNS, and STICKY was superfluous!

Let me explain…  We asked a Trader Joe’s guy if he had eaten these before and if they were good.  He was sort of cagey in his answer – hemming and hawing – and said he highly recommended heating them in the oven as opposed to microwave as that would make them a little “melty” and “less sugary sweet”.  Oh my.  I feared then that they were going to be Wicked Sugary Buns.

Wicked Sticky Pecan Buns - 4 to a pack
We followed his advice – put each bun on a small plate, covered them with foil, and heated them in the oven.  When we went to eat them they were not “melty” at all, but they were YUMMY!!  Sweet, but not too sweet, and oh so butttttery!  The pecans were nice, too.  Really a tasty breakfast treat!

A buck a bun!
Wicked Sticky Pecan Buns (with espresso) for breakfast

The only thing missing was the STICKY!  There was no sticky whatsoever!  Just yummy!  Name change suggested – WICKED YUMMY PECAN ROLLS. 

Price - $3.99 (which equals a buck a bun)

Rating – 4.5


  1. I did not put any foil on my plate. I just put the bun on a plain plate and microwaved it for 20 seconds, just to take the chill off of it. The crunchy toffee icing was intact and there were loads of pecans. I usually put a little margarine or butter on sticky buns; but these were buttery enough with nothing added. They were so rich and good that I could have had a second one. My wicked sticky buns light is on right now and if it weren't Thanksgiving, I'd be at TJ's right now.

  2. They are a New England phenomenon, none available in FL what a devastating shame!

  3. They are a New England phenomenon, none available in FL what a devastating shame!