Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day 38 - Baby Bok Choy

YES to baby bok choy!!!  This is a delicious vegetable and so easy to prepare.  For starters, it comes pre-washed and ready to use.  And not “pre-washed” in quotation marks – the sort of pre-washed some other stores have where if you do not actually wash it again yourself you will taste grit.  No siree, this is the sort of pre-washed you can trust!  No need to rinse before cooking.

Delicious veggie!
This is not a recipe blog, but since this veggie is not all that common in the US, I will explain here how I cook it in case you want to try it!  I heat a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a skillet, put in some soy sauce, and lie the uncut baby bok choy in.  I top it with fresh squeezed lemon, salt, and pepper and cover with a lid for a bit.  Turn it over after a while to cook the other side.  Variations:  add garlic at the beginning – yum!  And the variation I most love: add sriracha sauce at the beginning!  It browns a bit and really makes the dish have a hot zing!  Note:  I sometimes add so much sriracha that as it cooks the pepper gets in the air and makes me cough!  This is a sign that I added too much for my partner’s liking but just enough for mine J .  I would love it if readers would comment with their own recipes for baby bok choy!  I would like to make it even more often.

Cooked baby boy choy on plate - it may look odd in the photo, but it makes my mouth water just looking at it!
This is a vegetable we make and serve often.  We can buy it cheaper at Grand Mart (a supermarket specializing in international food) but it is just as tasty from Trader Joe’s (and, like I mentioned, pre-washed).  The only downside to the TJ’s version is the over packaging.  It comes in a (recyclable) plastic container with lid that seems way overdone for what is needed. 

Price – $2.29

Rating – 4.25

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