Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 118 - Mini Pie Medley

Oh I wish I would have reviewed these Cabbage Patch Doll sized pies back when we had them this winter.  We really liked them, and they would have gotten a sweet review!

Alas, I didn’t review them then, and now I up and served them at our Trader Joe’s dinner party and they were not great.  L  The crusts were mushy and the filling just tasted like a glob of warm jam or jelly.  I made them the same exact way I did this winter – heating them (from frozen) in the oven, so I am not sure why the results were lack luster this go round.  I feel a bit guilty because I convinced a fellow Trader Joe’s shopper to buy these the other day!

Cute tiny pies
I should list the pros and cons of these little mini pies here:

-          Perfect size for a little dessert
-          Mix of 3 flavors in one box (strawberry, blueberry, and peach) so you won’t get sick of one flavor
-          Nice sugar crystals on top
-          Easy to prepare

-          Crusts were mushy
-          Filling was not “pie”ish but more jam/jelly-ish
-          Unsatisfying

If I were rating these myself, I guess I would give them a 3.5.  But because they were part of the dinner party spread, I will average all guests’ ratings for a final score.  But first, guest comments:

-          Sweet without being cloying – buttery crust.
-          Great yielding crust – tasty, fluffy, rich, and just the right amount of filling.  Just the right size as well.  4 – 6 small bits!
-          Supremely buttery, full of flavor, plenty peachy
-          Swarmy bland strawberry much inside a soggy pastry
-          Buttery, soft, sweet – lovely

OH!!!!!  Now that I have allowed myself to read these comments I think perhaps it was just the STRAWBERRY PIES that were not good in this box!!!  The people who had peach or blueberry really liked them!  Well, that makes me feel better.  I thought I served our guests something yucky!

Guest Joan demonstrates how adorable tiny pies can be.
Price - $4.49  (for 6 mini pies, which comes out to .75 cents per pie)

Rating (average of 6 guests’ ratings) – 3.75

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