Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 112 - Free Range Chicken Broth

Look, we didn’t buy this Free Range Chicken Broth because we are fans of chicken broth and use it all the time in our cooking.  We almost NEVER use chicken broth.  Full disclosure, we bought it because my partner David was going to have a colonoscopy and needed a day of prep where he only consumed clear liquids.  That being said, we (especially HE, who adores eating) were not thrilled about this purchase from the get go.

As you can see, David was not thrilled with this purchase.
 But it was good.  He used it for his prep day - I just heated it up in the microwave in a mug and he drank it.  It was filling enough that he felt like he was “eating” and didn’t complain too much.  The good news (and the best part of this review) is that all went well with the colonoscopy and he doesn’t have to get another one for a decade.

Happy Day - good colonoscopy!
But there was some of the broth left in the fridge after the prep day, so we have used it in cooking.  Tonight I used it instead of water when I made Israeli couscous and it worked very well.  Another night he used it to make a sauce to put over orecchetti and that was good, too. 

So I guess the moral of this story is twofold:
1.        GET A COLONOSCOPY (seriously, they are important)
2.       We should cook with chicken broth more often at our house

See  - it is free range
P.S. – something about “free range” chicken broth sounds funny to me.  It sounds SO hippy-granola-hybrid-car-driving-PETA-animal-lover, doesn’t it??  I have heard of free range chicken and free range eggs, but this was my first FREE RANGE BROTH. 

Price – $1.99

Rating – 3.75

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