Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 111 - Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels

This little candy is very, very nice!  Each morsel is a good size – not like some other candies where you eat ONE and feel like you have already had enough (or too much) sweet.  Nope – these are well proportioned little candies!  The nutritional label says a serving size is 11 pieces!!  (For me that is stretching it a bit – I would say serving size is about 8 per sitting, but maybe I am kidding myself).

Yum - this is a good treat!
Each piece of candy in this bag has a really good BALANCE – the creamy caramel in the center has a butterscotch taste that melts in your mouth, there is a touch of sea salt (but no hard chunks of sea salt, this is DELICIATE my friends) and the chocolate is dark and it holds everything together perfectly.

Each piece is about the size of a penny
I think this may be an ADULT CANDY.  We snuck it into the circus the other night (shhhh!) so we could have a nice (and cheap) snack during an outing with our teenage nephew.  I think he stopped at ONE PIECE (unheard of for a teenage boy, right??) so it seems like the taste might be for a “grown up” palate.  (Hey, that was fine with us, leaves more for Uncle David and Aunt Susan!)

Find these at your Trader Joe's and give them a try
We will get these again.  And who knows, perhaps we will follow the “serving suggestion” noted on the front of the package and actually display them in a BOWL instead of snarfing them right out of the bag!

Price – $3.49

Rating – 4.5

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