Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 105 - Feta

Feta is a staple in our house.  It often tops our salads.  It jumps in our omelets.  And it graces our pasta dishes.  Feta, feta, FETA!

So we have tried feta from a variety of stores.  Oh, we have tried pre-crumbled feta, we have tried huge-o hunks o’ feta, and we have tried this Trader Joe’s Feta. 

Guess which one is normally in our fridge??  YOU GOT IT – THIS TRADER JOE’S ONE!

Why?  Because it is just about perfect.  It is hard enough to stay together without disintegrating into feta dust when you cut it.  It is TASTY.  It is not too dry (many pre-crumbled ones are super dry, yucko).  It is YUMMY.  It is cut-able.  It is DELICIOUS!  All of that PLUS it is very reasonably priced!

Cheaper than you will find at other stores!  And TASTIER!
Did I mention how good it is???  Really, the only “issue” with it is the packaging.  Like the Trader Joe’s Mozzarella Chub (reviewed on day 17 of this blog), once you open this feta package you have to figure out somewhere to store it.  Trust me, you are gonna get feta goo/juice everywhere if you try and leave it in the package it came in.  My solution; cut the feta package open, have a plastic container with lid ready, and plop that puppy in there.  That’s much easier than trying to get it in and out of a Ziploc baggie. 

Feta in action - on a salad!  (Also pictured are Trader Joe's beets (will be reviewed on this blog), Trader Joe's chick peas (also to be reviewed) and Trader Joe's avocados (reviewed on day 18 of this blog)
If you like feta, try this one.  It is a winner.

Price – $2.99

Rating – 4.75

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