Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 100 - Chicago Style Popcorn

I have made it to DAY 100 on this blog!  And for the big 100th review I have chosen one of our very favorite new products – CHICAGO STYLE POPCORN!!!!

I am going to tell you right off the bat – this product is a solid 5 stars!!!!  We are so excited about it!

Let me explain…  My friend Amy told us once about this “delicious popcorn available in Chicago” that is a combination of caramel and cheese.  Sure, it sounds gross, but it is NOT gross.  Anyway, it is available in O’Hare Airport at a little place called Garrett Popcorn Shop.  Oh suuuuure – you can also get it at “Nuts On Clark” at O’Hare, but if you do that, you are a beginner and do not GET IT.  No – it is worth waiting in line at Garrett’s. 

Let’s just say this – once Amy told us about Chicago style popcorn at Garrett and we had tasted it, our travel changed.  We cannot go thru O’Hare now without going to Garrett and stocking up – even if it means running through a terminal to get there and back to our gate in time.  My partner David has been known to fly strange routes and accept long lay-over times JUST TO GET GARRET POPCORN (he sometimes buys straight caramel instead of the mix, but that is another topic…).  I often travel alone and if I go through Chicago I MUST stop at Garrett and bring back a bag for David.  Last time I was there I snapped a photo to text him while I was in line, and the guy in front of me did the same thing and texted it to his wife – it seems we are not the only addicts!  And I should point out – this popcorn is not cheap at Garrett, not at all.

What the WHAT???  Wheeeee!
ENTER TRADER JOE’S!!!!!  You guys – they now have CHICAGO STYLE POPCORN for only $2.99!!

Does he looked a little bit EXCITED???!!!
We were nervous…  We thought, there was no way it could be as good as Garrett’s…  I mean, when you have had the BEST, isn’t it dangerous to even try a new kind???

But it ROCKS!  It is so, so, so good!  The caramel pieces are amazing and the cheese ones, too!  There are very few “yuckies” at the bottom of the bag.  Even if you think this combination of flavors sounds disgusting I urge you to try it!  You will like it or your money back  (note:  the “money back” is from Trader Joe’s, not me.  Just take the bag back if you think it is not good and they will give you your money back with a smile.)

There is a bit of a mystery with this product -it is exciting!!!  When we first bought it at the La Jolla, CA store, the bag said “Chicago Style Popcorn”.  Then, in New York City, they called it “Caramel and Cheese Popcorn”!!!  Same bag, same great taste, all the other artwork is the same, but the NAME is different…  So I checked at our local Trader Joe’s in Virginia and guess what – they had one bag that was named “Caramel and Cheese” and the rest were called “Chicago Style”!!  Bizarre!  I hope they stick with “Chicago Style” cuz that is a much cooler name.  Even if shoppers don’t know right away what it means, if they read the package they will get it.

The mystery of the names....
Color us happy that we don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to fly to Chicago to get this anymore (but we will still go to Garrett’s when we are at O’Hare!).

If you would like to see some Yelp reviews of Garrett -  look here:

You will find things like, “HOLY SCHNIKIES” and “WTF!” and “Have you ever found yourself with the a warped sense of morals in which it is suddenly okay to trample small children to snag the last bag of your favorite treat?”

Price - $2.99
Rating - 5


  1. Mystery solved (I think). Today we visited the Trader Joe's in Pembroke Pines, FL. We were returning the Coconut Cashews. Anyway, we talked to the Captain (manager) of the store and got to talking about the blog. We mentioned our love of TJ's Chicago Style Popcorn and the mystery with the 2 different names for the same product. She confirmed what I had suspected - "someone" told TJ's the name "Chicago Style" was theirs. Yeah, that someone had to be Garrett's, doncha think? Anyway, even if TJ's can't call it by the cool name, it still tastes great. In fact we ate some on the drive today!