Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 224 - Lamb Koftas

So, David and I split almost ALL of our food.  I mean, when we got out to eat at a restaurant, we order one appetizer, one salad, and one meal.  That is PLENTY for the both of us.  And when we shop for groceries, we buy food that both of us likes, cuz we cook one meal.

One result of this arrangement is that poor David never gets to at LAMB.  The reason for THAT is my moratorium on eating what I classify as “cute meat”.  Cute meat is anything that, when living, would be adorable.  Things in the cute meat category are lamb, veal, fish that you have seen while snorkeling the same day in Hawaii, deer (aka venison I think), bison (I know, I know, they are not cute, but yuck I won’t eat bison…), rabbits, frogs, and probably more than I cannot think of right now.  And DO NOT, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, do not reply to this blog post and tell me that chickens are cute.  Or pigs are cute.  Or cows…  Cuz if you do it will limit my meat intake even more.  I am fine with my current “limitations” but do not want to add to them at this point, thank you very much.

Anyway, I sometimes feel guilty that my dislike of lamb means David never gets to eat it.  So when I see an opportunity for him to have it, I encourage him.  Like recently at Trader Joe’s when they were sampling these Lamb Kofta!  I made sure he knew they were serving them so he could get a taste.  He liked them, so when I left town for a professional conference, he bought himself a bag. 

So now, without further ado, may I present the first ever review fully written by a guest author!  (The other reviews that have guest opinions (including David’s) I transcribe as people say them.  This one he WROTE while I was in workshops in New Orleans all day!)

This is the only photo he took.  And he has an old, crappy phone so it was hard for him to send it to me.  Thanks David!  You did it!  I appreciate it.  :)

“These are delightful little meatballs, easy and quick to prepare (they’re frozen but fully cooked), and because of the lamb, more flavorful than regular meatballs.  Plus, they come with a pour-over or cook-in sauce that is smooth, rich, and a bit zingy to boot.  I was hooked in to these by a tasting at our local TJ’s, when it was offered with a dollop of cilantro-and-chive yoghurt dip, and the combination was great – the spicy Kofta and sauce, with the cooling yoghurt dip. 

For a quick meal just add rice or potatoes to compliment, and perhaps a green vegetable or salad.  Like any meatball, it’s not going to have a spectacular taste note of its own, but it is very satisfying as a comfort-food.  For ease of preparation, meatiness, and unusual flavor profile, I give this a 4.5.”

Price – $4.99 (2 servings)

Rating – (David’s, not mine, since I have never tasted these suckers) – 4.5

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  1. Trader Joes, why did you discontinue Lamb Koftas? Everyone loves them.