Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 127 - Pita Bite Crackers

I am not a huge cracker eater, nor do I typically go for pita, but these Pita Bite Crackers are some nice lil’ crackers!!  They are super crunchy and hold up well to spreading cheese (like Brie) on them.  They are also tasty enough to eat on their own (naked!) as a little “side dish” for your lunch sandwich (which is something I just did J ).  I have also tried them dipped in Trader Joe’s Tzatziki (to be reviewed another day) and that was good (though I did make quite a drippy mess, but that is no fault of the cracker).

Here is the box.  The crackers look rather large now that I look at them in this photo, but they are actually a nice size
I think this is a good all-around cracker.  Not too salty, no strong flavor to distract from whatever you are eating it with.  It is about two bite’s worth, which is a nice size. 

I haven't tried the product under the price sign, but it sort of looks like it is named "ok-snot"...  Note to self - check out ok-snot.
I bought these crackers to serve with cheese as an appetizer for our Trader Joe’s dinner party, so I will now look at the review sheets and see what the guests thought of them.  But before I peek at those let me just say that if I were giving these crackers my own rating, I would give them a 4.25.  But, because of the party, I will average all guests’ ratings.  Here are the guest comments:

-          “Tasty, but they crumble in bites.”
-          “Pleasant, better on the second taste.”
-          “Very nice hint of salt.”
-          “Not interesting to taste on t heir own, but nice base for the French Brie.  Cardboardy and not thin enough for my taste.”
-          “Tasty.  Good foil for cheeses.”

So, there you have it!  Opinions of 6 people on Trader Joe’s Pita Bite Crackers.

Price - $2.69 (cheaper than fancy brand crackers we sometimes get)

Rating (average of 6 ratings) - 4


  1. Try the ak- mak crackers! They're kind of an east coast thing- not a snacking cracker! Best instead of bread, like with cream cheese and tomato slices with red onion; or mashed avocado, or tomato salad.
    They're whole grain and very hearty

    1. Is ak-mak the NAME of the cracker?? Are they are TJ's? I will have to search the shelves!