Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 124 - Blister Peanuts

Let me first say that I think the name of this product is funny.  And let me also say that I am not above taking off the “pea” and just calling them “blister nuts” then giggling over the double meaning of that. 

Anyway, we saw these at the LaJolla, CA Trader Joe’s and had never noticed them at our local store before so picked up a bag.  David, a big fan of various nuts, was quite excited about the find (as you see here).

David loves NUTS (actually, he pretty much loves SNACKS...)
Turns out these are called BLISTER PEANUTS because a long time ago people soaked peanuts in water to remove the red skins before they roasted them, and that made them blister as they were roasted.  The THINGS you can learn from reading packages!  This roasting process makes them really CRUNCHY.

We liked these.  They are good to eat on their own as a snack (pair with Pepsi), and David also jazzed up a recent chicken curry by putting some on top.  They are a good amount of salty – enough to taste good but not so much you get super thirsty. 

Old fashioned looking bag for an old fashioned method of roasting nuts
If you like a good peanut you should give these a try.  David says, “Those peanuts should get extra marks, cuz Trader Joe’s is trying to find something new and different,” (which I think is funny because the concept of blister peanuts is I guess very old).

Price – $2.69

Rating - 4

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