Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 335 - Pomegranate Body Butter


I was very fearful to try this seasonal body butter.  After all, the last time I invested in a tub of season TJ’s body butter things went horribly wrong…  (See the review of Pumpkin Body Butter here...)  
Not gonna lie - I was really nervous to try this after my experiment with PUMPKIN BODY BUTTER failed miserably...
But hey, I didn’t want to let one little mishap spoil my love of body cream/lotion/butter…  I wanted to GET BACK ON THE HORSE and try another new product!!!  So I nervously asked at the Trader Joe’s customer service counter if perhaps they had an open tub of this that I could try a bit of…  Turns out they DIDN’T, but the woman I asked had been wanting to try some herself and was more than happy to grab one and open it up for me.

Nervously, I put my finger in and pulled a plop of the white cream out.  I rubbed it on my hands.  And I went in for the SMELL TEST, the area where the Pumpkin Spiced Body Butter had failed oh so miserably…  Would this Pomegranate Cream smell like a Christmas pie of some sort???  A candle?????

Pretty label, but would it have a pretty SMELL????
My nose was pleasantly surprised – IT SMELLED GOOD!!!  So I bought a tub and took it home with me to give it the ultimate test – the all-over after shower body cream test!!!

I am pleased to announce that this body butter PASSED THE TEST!!! 

It’s lovely!  The texture is nice, it is quite thick.  The coverage goes on well – it is not heavy or greasy.  The scent is very delicate and pleasant.  I realized that even though I like to eat pomegranate seeds, I have no metal/olfactory idea of what POMEGRANATES smell like.  If this cream is any indication, they smell clean, fresh, and light!!!  And what I like about it is that it smells good, but it is a light enough scent that I feel perfectly find putting a different scented perfume OVER it and I do not feel like I have competing smells going on.

I really like this product.  I am so happy I grabbed one.  It reminds me of a body butter that I really like from Sephora (Sephora brand) that David sometimes treats me with as a Christmas gift. 

They had quite a few the day I got mine - I hope there are more because I may "need" to pick up another one...  
I would give this TJ’s Pomegranate Body Butter a score of 5, except the ONE THING I liked about the Pumpkin Body Butter, the cool lid that you could pop off the middle of instead of having to unscrew the whole thing, that part is MISSING on the Pomegranate version.  It just has a stupid old fashioned screw on/off lid.  Oh Trader Joe’s – whyyyy did you not use those cool lids on this holiday scent??  They rocked.  I need to take off a bit in the score for that oversight.

Great price - you won't find a tub of nice body butter at this low price in fancy stores like Sephora.
I recommend you pick up a tub or two of this the next time you are at Trader Joe’s.  It is really well priced, too.  Word has it they will sell out quickly, so chop chop!

 Price – $5.49

Rating – 4.75

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