Saturday, December 5, 2015

Day 339 - Roasted Corn (frozen)

I have mentioned this before, but we tend to buy fresh vegetables as opposed to frozen.  And for CORN, we sometimes buy CANS.  But when I saw this bag of frozen ROASTED corn at Trader Joe’s, I was intrigued… 
Hmmm, doesn't it look interesting??
And I was right to be intrigued!  We served it up and YUM, what a good idea. 

David: “This is nice!  It is grilled tasting.  It’s easy eatin’ – you don’t have to chew it off the cob.  And it tastes like GRILLED CORN.  Nice.  The taste is great but the texture is a little bit limp in the way that frozen or canned corn can be.  I give this a 4.”

Does it look tasty in this photo?  Because in real life it is.
Me:  I think this is a grand idea!  Usually when it is not summer time (i.e. not corn on the cob season) I buy canned corn.  I always feared the frozen corn would be mushy when it was cooked.  But this is not mushy at all (to me anyway).  I really like the GRILLED aspect of it.  Very nice! 

I just put some in a bowl, added a bit of water, and microwaved it.  It is really good!  It is very satisfying.  It tastes like you are eating corn on the cob from the guy who sells it at a fair but it is even better – you are not eating it off the cob so it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth!
FIRE ROASTED CORN.  Yum.  And look - the sign says it is a perfect ADDITION to stuff.
Geez, all we did it eat it straight!
File this one under, “Why didn’t we think of that??”.  This is a good invention and I plan to keep some in our freezer.  I give this a 4.25.  And since this is MY blog and not David’s, I am going to go with MY SCORE for the final one.  J

Price – $2.49

Rating – 4.25


  1. We season it as if it were Mexican street corn, and it's a great meal!

  2. Season with TJ's Everything But The Elote, Chili Lime and either creme fraiche or sour cream. Broke the mouth!

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