Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 337 - Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream Trio

I ran into TJ’s the other afternoon while David waited in the car for me (the parking lot was FULL at the Clarendon store and the attendant was telling everyone to leave, that was a first!).  Anyway, I was supposed to just be running in for a bouquet of flowers for our friend’s birthday (happy birthday, Irma!) but man oh man – they had tons of new holiday products!  Like – GIFT products!  I was, as you may have guessed, more than a  little excited… 

One cool product on the table of amazing stuff was a box of 3 silver tubes of hand cream.  One is Argan Oil, one is Olive Oil, and one is Kukui Oil.  ONE of those is part of a Christmas present for a relative – I will not disclose WHO at the moment in case he/she reads this blog (I am not too worried, I do not think this particular person follows it). 

Such a sweet little gift box of hand creams - how could I NOT stand around in TJ's and drool over them while
 David waited patiently in the car outside??
Each tube is 1 oz and they all contain 20% shea butter.  I grabbed a box and then packed one of the tubes for my recent trip to Omaha.  I busted it out and shared with my nephew Jordan, who was happy to be a guest reviewer.  Thanks, J!

Let me first tell you what I thought of the Olive Oil hand cream – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  It was moisturizing without being greasy, easy to dispense from the tube, stayed closed in my purse, and smelled light and fresh.  The lady at the store told me she thought it was a little oily for her but I disagree.  Especially during the cold winter months my hands need cream like this.  An sometimes with hand creams or lotions the scent is so strong that you can’t wear a perfume without feeling “clash-y” but with this light fresh scent you can.  It is a gender neutral scent which I like, too.   it doesn’t make you smell too “girly” or too “manly” – you just smell nice.  I LIKE IT!  I give it a 4.75.

My hands love lotions and creams.
Now let’s get Jordan’s take on it:  “I think this is very nice.  It is creamy, but not too oily.  The scent is something that I am a big fan of.  It is not too feminine, but not too manly either.  It is a nice fresh scent.  It seems to be soaking into my skin quite well.  I would give it a 4.25.”

Jordan examining his hand after applying the Olive Oil Hand Cream.  You can tell by his shirt that the Huskers were playing that day.  But don't mention it to anyone from Nebraska, it was quite a sucky game I am told.
At $7.99 for the trio of hand creams, these work out to only $2.67 per tube.  I think that is WELL worth it.  They remind me of hand creams at L’Occitaine – same sort of packaging and quality, but much cheaper! 

Yes - if your TJ's has these you should grab a box.  Or two.
I believe these gift sets are just for the holiday season, so if you want to GIFT them (or keep them for yourself!) you best rush out and pick up a box soon!!  I am gifting one tube (not Olive Oil, obviously, since I have already used some of that one…) and keeping two.  Oh my, does that not fit the holiday spirit??

Price - $7.99 (for 3 tubes)

Rating – 4.5 (average of 2 raters)


  1. Last year, I struck up a conversation with a woman that was buying a dozen of these sets. She told me that the company that makes these sells their name brand item for $65 and it is the same lotion. She told me the name of the expensive lotion, but I had never heard of it and can't recall it.

    I have bought these for the last two years and made sure to buy two boxes this year so that I don't run out until they return again. I love them and they are a great deal compared to Deep Steep or Burt's Bees.

    1. Wow!!! Oh man. Now I'm wanting to get another box.... Were they the same three types last year?

    2. Yes, they are the same. This is the third year I have bought them.

    3. You have convinced me. I NEED ANOTHER BOX :).

  2. If you can't wait until next year, buy the TJ's 3oz Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream for $2.99. It works wonders.

    1. Ahhh that is good to know that the regular TJ's hand cream is also a winner. I have been using this "special fancy" hand cream sparingly because I want to make it last! Put some on this afternoon - ahhhh....