Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 321 - Brownie Crisp

In my world, brownies are not SUPPOSED to be crisp.  The “crisp” parts of the brownies are the BURNT parts, the RUINED parts.  You know what I mean, the parts on the edges of the pan that are so burnt to a crisp that you can even saw them out with a sharp knife.  The ones that are still stuck on there after all of the GOOD BROWNIE are eaten and you have to soak the pan in the sink to even chip them away.

Yeah – the YUCKY BITS.

So WHY Trader Joe’s felt the need to make a whole bag of the ruined bits is beyond me.

However, this concept excited David, who put a bag of Brownie Crisps in our cart.

It's a given that I won't like these, but will DAVID????
Needless to say, I have recused myself from this review as I refuse to try these abominations.  This review is the sole opinion of David.

David says (in a sad, forlorn voice), “These are okayyyy.  If you need a cookie and you don’t have a cookie it’ll do.  But it’s not what you had hoped for – not what I had hoped for.  It doesn’t have a depth of taste.  It doesn’t have a buttery-ness.  It doesn’t have a richness.  It doesn’t really have….

It even looks SAD on the plate (IMHO)
It’s, it’s, it’s, ummm, it’s CRISP in a way that a stale cracker is CRISP.  Not in the way that the edges of a nice homemade brownie are crisp.

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Don't bust a tooth there, David
I had such HIGH HOPES.  I am not going to take ‘em back, they are EATABLE, but I’m not gonna get them again.  (I clarified – are they EATABLE or EDIBLE?)  Well, they are EATABLE, which is a little different than EDIBLE.  Virtually everything is EDIBLE, but I won’t EAT everything.  These, I will eat. “

We got these in the Dublin, Ohio Trader Joe's where they apparently thought they were
hard enough little cookies that they should change the name to BRITTLE, even though the bag calls them "crisp".  
It takes a lot for a cookie (or cookie-like product) to make David sad, but these Brownie Crisps did it.  L

Price – $2.99

Rating – 2.75


  1. These are vegan, so that is probably why they lack a buttery taste. I bought a bag of these when they first came out and my husband and I loved them. We bought a second bag and it was horrible. I wonder if there is poor quality control or something. We haven't tried to buy another bag based on the second experience.

    1. It COULD be a quality control thing. That stinks when you really liked something, then get "stung" on the second try.

  2. That brand name "brownie brittle" (not vegan) has been popular for such a long time and i tried some at a friend's house- totally gross. Marginally better dunked in coffee. not delicious. And excellent chance you will stab the roof of your mouth try to eat it. Nope.

  3. Ewww Ttrockwood - stabbing the roof of your mouth KILLS. I hate that!