Monday, November 2, 2015

Day 306 - Maple Syrup (Rock Creek Sugarworks)

I eat fyrup, not syrup (fyrup is fake syrup – like Mrs. Butterworth’s).  One morning we had French Toast and I was out of fyrup, so I had to eat this syrup.  Because I am not typically a SYRUP eater, I feel I should leave the review of this product mostly to David and I will add a bit at the end. (You can see my review of Trader Joe's brand Maple Syrup way back on day 83 here  .)

But before he does the review, let me explain that this is a REGIONAL product.  Usually all Trader Joe’s across the country have the exact same products (with the exception of alcohol – some stores have no alcohol, some have just beer and wine, and some have spirits).   Because we travel quite often and have been lucky enough to visit Trader Joe’s in 11 states (plus one District) this year for this blog, I have looked for LOCAL products at the TJ’s we go to.  In many I found local beer.  In some I found local wine.  In a couple I found local honeys.  And in Ohio I found this local SYRUP!

100% Pure Maple Syrup from OHIO!
Now onto David’s review:  Maple syrup is maple syrup.  This is a maple syrup that is good.  I am not sure it is any different than others.  I guess it comes from OHIO, and like Ohio it is fine , workman-like, and fundamentally indistinguishable from its neighbors.

Susan – I APOLOGIZE TO ANYONE IN OHIO .  I do not think David was trying to be offensive with that remark about being indistinguishable.  I think he would say that all states are indistinguishable.  But every state is important.  (Although when we talked about this issue over breakfast we agreed that Hawaii is pretty darn nice…  And Alaska…  But those two are sort of after-thoughts for the country, right??  So OTHER THAN THOSE TWO, the rest of the states are quite similar…)  Oh my, am I digging myself in deeper here by trying to make up for David’s faux pas??

David – LOVE OHIO!!!  Gotta love Cincinnati! 

This is very true – we do love Cincinnati!  We like Pleasant Street!  And we love the Know Theatre. 

Oh my – we digress…

See how excited he was to find this on the Trader Joe's shelf?  GO LOCAL MAPLE SYRUP GUYS, GO!
Like I said, I do not normally eat real syrup.  This tastes like other maple syrup to me (which is ironic cuz that is what David, the maple syrup lover, said, too…).  I follow David’s recommendation of rating.

Mostly I give this syrup props for making it to the shelves of Trader Joe’s.  Usually just local beers and sometimes wines find their way onto the gloried shelves of TJ’s, so this syrup company is doing something right!  If you live at a place where this syrup is available as opposed to the regular TJ’s syrup, you should buy THIS one.  J

And even if you do not live in Ohio, go to your local Trader Joe’s and ask if they have any unique to your area local products.  Find them on the shelves.  Then BUY them!  Support your local vendors, even when shopping at TJ’s.

Price – $8.99

Rating - 4

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