Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 242 - Uncured Black Forest Bacon

Have you ever ordered bacon at a café or diner and went, “What the WHAT?  How is this bacon so delicious???  What IS IT about this bacon that makes it so amazing?  And why does the bacon I buy in the grocery store and cook at home never taste this good???”

We have.  In fact, we had two experiences recently where we thought just that.  One was in Chicago and we sat outside at a little restaurant and marveled over the amazing taste of the bacon (Chicago 2015 seems obsessed with MEAT, but that is neither here nor there for this review).  I also remember sitting in a chi-chi restaurant once in New York City, the kind where the lights are so dim that you cannot read the menu even though it is DAYTIME and you are there for breakfast…  You know those kinds of places?  We were there for brunch and we had a side of bacon.  I think we paid like $20 for 3 strips of bacon. Ok, it was not THAT expensive, but you get my  drift.  And. We.  Freakin’.  Loved.  That.  Bacon. *

David, afraid that this Trader Joe's purchased bacon would taste like every other grocery store purchased bacon in our checkered past...
So do you know what I mean about grocery store bacon never tasting as amazing as that perfect café bacon?

Well fret no more.  WE FOUND THE ANSWER.  It is totally THIS BACON.  This is it!!!!!  Do not waste money on Oscar Mayer bacon ever again!  BUY THIS STUFF. 

Yes.  Yes.  And more YES.
Seriously!  We had it for breakfast yesterday (thanks for making a great breakfast, David!) and we looked at one another in awe.  I didn’t think it was possible to have THIS GOOD OF BACON at home.  I figured those cafes rubbed crack or some other dangerous thing into theirs to get it to taste as good as it does. 

But nope.  We can now replicate the awesomeness in our own kitchen. 

Amazing breakfast made by David - Uncured Black Forest Bacon served with homemade fried potatoes (with onions and peppers!) and an egg.  Lovely.
This will now be our go to bacon.  In fact, even though we just ate it for breakfast yesterday, today we are planning on having BLTs with it for lunch!  We may die of clogged arteries now that we have discovered this bacon, but damn it, we will die happy.

Price – $5.39
Rating – 5

*I looked on TripAdvisor because I thought I had reviewed that dark, snippy toned restaurant with the amazing bacon in NYC.  I found it!  J  It says we paid around $5 for 2 pieces of bacon.  So not as bad as I estimated in the review above, but still, $2.50 for a piece of bacon is a bit of a rip off, no?  Buy the bacon reviewed above at Trader Joe’s and have your own bacon heaven at home!

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