Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 239 - Zucchini Fries

I cooked these in the oven as the package suggested.  It took 5 – 6 minutes longer than the package suggested.  They were MUSHY and somehow they tasted FISHY to me.  Not “fishy” like “something is strange here, this is FISHY…” but “fishy” like “do these have a slight hint of COD???”.  And fishy in this instance is not a plus. 
 Deceptive packaging - the ones we had did not seem to have this much breading on them.
Also, there is not enough breading to go around.  Overall these zucchini fries are quite disappointing.

Here are ours - I wish the photo could capture the mush factor
David thought they tasted “very zucchini-y”.  He felt the breading was the appropriate amount and slightly crunchy.  He thought the only disappointing part was that they were rather mushy.  He says he would rather fry his own zucchini, but if you are in a hurry and want to eat some mushy zucchini, you could try these (note – he didn’t know it had taken over 30 minutes to cook these, I wouldn’t call that “in a hurry”). 

Ahhhh - I am re-reading the caption  on the price tag and it says "lightly battered"...  Yes, that is the case.  Too lightly for me.  If you are gonna eat a FRY, let's make it a FRY.  :)
I recommend buying and cooking FRESH zucchini instead of these.  It will taste lots better. 

In the end, I must say, these Zucchini Fries are rather poopy.

Price – $2.69

Rating – 2.25

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