Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 236 - New Day South Cider

This is a pretty good cider.  We got it at the Indianapolis Trader Joe’s, where the employees are kind and friendly.  We wanted some local products so this one jumped out at us. (Of course it did not literally jump out…  When I say “jumped out” I mean I NOTICED it as being made in Indianapolis…)

See - the sign says FROM INDIANAPOLIS, IN - so it is LOCAL!
We drank this cider served very cold in a glass (not from the bottle).  Perhaps we were trying to be fancy, I do not know.  J

It is dry (ish) and has an apple-y flavor, but not as apple-y as some other ciders, which in my opinion is a good thing.

Sorry, this photo is a bit blurry.  And it was taken BEFORE I had anything to drink!
This cider would be a good drink for an evening where you want something refreshing to drink but are not quite in the mood for beer.  It comes in a good sized bottle- 16.9 ozs (we shared one).  It would be nice served with a sharp cheddar on a fresh baguette.

Me pretending to chug a cider while still in the store.  Note the cap is still on...
If you are in an area where they sell this (I am guessing only Indiana), it is worth a try.

Price - $5.49

Rating – 3.75

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