Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 222 - Cripps Pink Apple

We are not hip.  I mean, if you could not figure that out from the fact that I take the time to write about a GROCERY STORE every day, or from looking at our photos on here…  We are in fact a bit quirky and dorky.  Ok, a lot quirky and a bit dorky. 

So, when I saw this CrippsPink Apple, a variety I had never seen before, I immediately thought of the Crips (is it Cripps?  Crips?  Krips? ) GANG.  I do not even know if the Crips are still a gang.  Are they??  Ok, I looked it up on Wikipedia.  It is spelled Crips, and yes, they are still a gang.  Here is the link if you would like to know more:

All of this is to say, this apple made me think of a GANG, which might not be the best correlation for a piece of fruit.  But I asked David to throw a gang sign and here is what he came up with.  I think it looks more like Sue from “Glee” (“And THAT is how Sue sees it!”) than a gang member, but hey, it’s all good.

David, a faux member of the Cripps, a faux gang of produce lovers
Now, to the review.  We ate this apple with our breakfast and here is what we thought:

Susan – This apple has a good crunch.  What is LACKS is enough flavor.  The color of the outside is dull-ish and the flavor on the inside is dull-ish (so I guess it is consistent).  In a head to head battle the Cripps apple would lose to the Honeycrisp apple every single round.  I rate it a 2.5.

Dull.  Not juicy.  Not tasty.  No thanks.
David – It’s okay.  It has a lot of texture.  It’s pretty mild, not very juicy.  Not tart.  It is fairly sweet.  It is kind of unsatisfying.  I give it a 3.

This apple does not go on our imaginary list of favorite produce.  I doubt we will bother with it again.

Price - .79 piece

Rating (average of 2 raters) – 2.75

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