Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 220 - Spiral Cellers Sauvignon Blanc

We totally picked this wine because of the signage.  As soon as we notice that “Hey-Wee the Wine Guy” picked this one, we were in.  Not cuz he was the wine guy, but because someone wrote that he pronounced his name “Hey-Wee”.  Is this true??  Is this someone punking him???  We do not know.  But we endorse the signage.

Hey, if Hey-Wee likes it, we will buy it
This wine was good.  We had it with our garden pasta reviewed yesterday (and with dinner the following night).  It was fresh.  It was summery.  It was “Sauvignon Blanc-y” (if a wine can be described that way). 

LIMITED?  Oh my, better stock up :) (not to worry, I am joking, we did not buy 12 cases)
But seriously, don’t take my word or even Hey-Wee’s word.  Look at what some dude named Mike Kopanski, who perhaps has more experience rating wine than I do, had to say about it:

11/15/2013 - MIKE KOPANSKI WROTE:87 Points

Napa Valley seems to have it's own style of Sauvignon Blanc. Often they have seen considerable lees treatment, or even some neutral oak. This one seem to be unaffected by those techniques. This is not a New Zealand, of French Sauvignon Blanc. The fruit is very ripe, showing little or no grassiness. There is a bit of glycerine and lanolin on the palate. There is also a steely minerality. Golden yellowish color. Slightly herbaceous nose. Grapefruit, lemon, guava and white apple fruit. Ypongish, raw acidity. Sweet tart and lemon finish.

See, Mike uses words like “herbaceous”, which I am sure beats my useage of “Sauvignon Blanc-y” all to hell… by the way, he also uses “ypongish”.  This was a new word for me, and odd in that it has a “y” and a “p” right next to each other.  I know some words with a “p” then a “y” (ex. Happy) but I can’t think of any with the “yp” combination.  This might be some fancy wine word that even doesn’t know about, or Mike might have fat fingered his keyboard…

Simple, clean label for a simple, clean wine
I will say THIS – do not leave a half drunk glass of this wine out on the table and expect it to be good the next day.  BLECK.  Of course, that is true of all wines, so I cannot hold it against this one.  J  I am just sayin’, don’t think you can sip it on day 2 if it hasn’t been in the corked bottle…

Price - $6.99

Rating - 4

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