Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 219 - Spaghetti (Spiga di Pugua)

Did someone say “spaghetti”??  If there was EVER a staple food that should always be in a cupboard, it would be spaghetti (or some other shape of pasta).  You can boil up some water, heat up some sauce, and have dinner on your plate in minutes! 

We make PESTO out of the basil in our garden at the end of every summer and freeze tons of it.  Then we can just unfreeze a packet and put it on pasta whenever we want something super tasty!!  So even in the middle of winter, our garden is bringing us love.  J

Pesto making 2011
Can you say "PESTO PARTY"??

 Anyway, this review is not about our pesto (which would OF COURSE get 5 stars…) it is about this TJ’s spaghetti.  It is GOOD!  At only .99 cents I also think it is a bargain.  It cooked up perfectly and was a good base for our recent garden creation:  this spaghetti, a bit of extra virgin olive oil, garlic, green and red peppers from the garden, garden tomatoes, and garden basil – served with a side of grilled egg plant straight out of the garden!!!  It takes a hearty pasta to stand up to all that garden goodness, and this one did it!!

This is the BEFORE photo of what went on our pasta...
TADA - the AFTER!!!  There is pasta under that pile of produce, trust me...
The only suggestion I have is that somehow pasta makers get better packaging.  We cannot be the only 2 person family in this country that does not use a whole bag of pasta for one meal…  Once it is opened it is kind of hard to store in the cupboard.  I do not worry about it going stale (since it is a dried product) but I put this bag back a tiny bit incorrectly in the cupboard and the next thing  you know PASTA seemed to be falling from the sky onto my head, the counter, and the floor!  It is raining dried pasta!!!!  If the bag had a little Ziploc type closure on it that could be prevented.  Something to consider, corporate office.

See - only .99 cents!
Good pasta.  Good price.  Get it.

Price - .99

Rating – 4.25

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