Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day 218 - Kalamata Olive Hummus

Two things can be inferred from the fact that this is the 5th hummus I have reviewed on this blog in 8 months:
1.       Trader Joe’s sells a wide variety of hummus
2.       We like hummus

This variety did not disappoint!!  It really tasted like kalamata olives!  I mean, that should not be surprising since it is named “Kalamata Olive Hummus”, but still, it made me happy.  J

Like all Trader Joe's hummus, this is cheap
If there is one thing we like even more than hummus it is olives, and we have not found any amazing ones at Trader Joe’s yet, so I am pleased that even if we cannot satisfy our cravings for OLIVES at Trader Joe’s at least we can satisfy our craving for olive TASTING stuff. 

I had this hummus with TJ’s blue corn chips (reviewed on day 72).  It was oh so good.  It is creamy and tasty and the olive flavor is a great compliment to the chips.

I have friends who make their own hummus (you know who you are Ghatasheh family…).  I am too lazy for that, and when I find hummus options as yummy as this one I do not feel guilty about buying pre-made stuff. 

No Preservatives, No Artifical Colors or Flavors, but LOTS of taste!
 This variety goes on my short list of favorite TJ’s hummus flavors
1.  Mediterranean (day 78)
2.  Roasted Garlic (day 109)
3.  Kalamata Olive (today!)

STOP THE PRESSES – before I posted this review I went into the living room where David is and asked him to sample it.  Sadly, his opinion was not as high as mine.  He said it tastes a bit, and I quote, “briney”.  I get that.  He also stated that he normally eats kalamata olives WITH his hummus, so this version of having the olives blended in made him miss the individual “meatiness” of each olive.  I will give him that.  Even with those criticisms, he gave this hummus a rating of 4.

David - an olive and hummus fan
I give it a rating of 4.5, so I will average the two ratings together for the official blog rating.

Price – $1.99

Rating (average of 2) – 4.25


  1. Love your blog!
    This is one of my favorite hummus from TJs, and i've tried a whole lot of them! (Horseradish may win for favorite)
    TJs makes an olive tapenade that i have added to boring not TJs hummus and loved- not just kalamata but lots of olivey flavor. Also fab for pasta

    1. Thanks! I really enjoy writing the blog. I have NOT tried the olive tapenade - thanks for the hint. I will get it!!

  2. Love the olive tapenade in the refrigerator section. I hear that the olive tapenade in jars in the not-refrigerated section is too salty. BTW: thanks for putting me on to the lemon pepper pappardalle. Love it. Love your blog too.

    1. Oh I am at a professional conference this week and sitting in a hotel room. Now you mentioned lemon pepper pappardelle and I am craving it... And New Orleans does not have a Trader Joe's (nor do I have a stove to cook it on even if they did...). :)