Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 147 - Mandarin Orange Liquid Dish Soap

This is dish soap.
I am looking at the label now, it says "LOTS OF FOAM" (in all caps like that).  See photo below...
As in, it cleans alright.  It bubbles a bit.  It works.

It is nothing spectacular (and by SPECTACULAR, I probably mean the cool dish soap I had last time that squirted tiny soap bubbles in the air each time I picked it up to use it and whose name I wish I remember because I would like to buy it again!).

The mandarin orange scent is fine.  Again, nothing amazing.  It is not TOO orange, nor is it not orange enough. 

The bubble-up factor is okay.  I, personally, prefer more bubbles, but those are likely bad for the environment so this stuff is probably assuaging a tiny bit of “killing the earth” guilt for me.

This is the foam I got from washing the coffee pot - does it look like LOTS OF FOAM to you??
I will use this bottle up.  Dishes will be clean.  Life will go on.  (And I will try and remember the name of the FUN ONE we had last time!)

Reasonable price, reasonable bubbles, reasonable scent - overall reasonable but not HOLY COW THIS IS GREAT!
Price – $2.99

Rating - 3.25

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