Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day 144 - Lemon Kitchen Hand Soap

First off, why a special soap for the KITCHEN…  Aren’t your hands equally as dirty when you wash them in, oh, I don’t know, the bathroom??   Sure, your hands may be touching things with strong ODORS in the kitchen – onions, shrimp, etc – but does that warrant a specialized SOAP?  It just seems so, so, so…  LIMITING I guess! 

Natural, nice scent, and soapy - what more can you need?
But that philosophical point aside, this Lemon Kitchen Hand Soap is good.  It is lemon without being overly scented, and the lemon smell is FRESH and not FAKEY.  It makes a nice lather, too.  And the PUMP on it is great!  Nice squirt mechanism.

The label is sort of funny – it has a “G” monogram on it, and I wondered if it was made by someone other than Trader Joe’s or what.  But no, the “G” seems to be God’s monogram, as around it, it says “Next to Godliness”.    Classy – this is like GOD’S soap or something!

Lemon Kitchen Hand Soap in action - tough shot to capture!  Had to rinse and dry my other hand to work the camera!  :)

One last point, I also like the COLOR of this soap.  It is a nice pale yellow.  The label tells us it has lots of nice stuff in it – coconut oil, lemon peel oil, and earth salts – so it must be good for us, eh?

Price – $3.49

Rating – 4.5

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