Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 142 - Teeny Tiny Potatoes

These Teeny Tiny Potatoes, served at our Trader Joe’s dinner party a while back, lived up to their name.  They were indeed teeny and yes, they were tiny.  Maybe, since potato starts with a letter “p”, they should do the alliteration with “p”s instead of “t”s and call them “Petite Puny Potatoes”.  But I guess “puny” has a sort of negative connotation, and these were not really negative.

They are pretty cheap for such delicate little items
They are adorable little potatoes – so delicate and sweet.  Not really Barbie sized, but maybe Cabbage Patch sized potatoes. 

They are SMALL I tell you, teeny!
 As far as taste goes, they were fine.  Nothing “wooooow” like extra special potato-ey, but I mean, they did taste like potatoes. 

Bowl of teeny tiny dinner party potatoes
If I were to rate them on my own, I would give them a 4.  But since they were part of the infamous Trader Joe’s dinner party, I must take into account the opinions of the guests and then average our ratings together.  Let me peek at the guest comments now:

-          “Tasty, fun, nice texture”
-          “ksfkdl;akdlfj” (this guest had bad handwriting and I cannot read their comment)
-          “Fun, tasty”
-          “Okay for what they are.  But who needs potatoes to be that small?”
-          “Kind of ordinary, good crisp bite of skin, tender potato”

Price - $2.29

Rating (average of 6 raters) – 3.75

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