Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 141 - San Pellegrino Limonata

Wow, was THIS a great surprise treat to find on the Trader Joe’s shelves recently!  Either they just started carrying this drink) (which I think is the case because the sign says "new", or we have missed seeing it there for years.  San Pellegrino Limonata is a drink we buy at Safeway when they have it on sale, because we really like it but it is usually pretty expensive. 
Look how excited David is to find Limonata at Trader Joe's!
So as far as the PRODUCT REVIEW goes, yay!  This “sparkling lemon beverage” is delicious!  Yummy!  Amazingly refreshing!  Bubbly without being TOO bubbly.  Lemony without being over-the-top-crazy lemony.  Best served very cold.  Has a sweet little foil “cap” to feel off before drinking, making you feel like the can you are putting your naked lips on is not dirty.  18% fruit actual juice, so feels healthier than drinking a can of soda.  We had some for guests yesterday at a party and they really liked it, too.  It is a really nice summertime drink.

YES!  San Pellegrino Limonata at a very reasonable price at Trader Joe's!

A tasty, refreshing treat
So we know how this reviewer feels about the product (2 thumbs up!), which just leaves the issue of the best place to PURCHASE the product…

Like I said, our normal point of purchase is Safeway, but only when it is on sale.  However, Trader Joe’s had the 6 pack for the low, low price of $4.99 (which comes out to only .83 cents per can).  This seemed like a great bargain so of course we grabbed some.

We brought it to FLORIDA with us, which is where I did my very scientific, rigorous price comparisons.  First, I checked how much the same product sold for at the Publix Grocery Store in Ormond Beach.  Publix is a nice store and typically prices things much higher than other places, so we were really surprised to find San Pellegrino Limonata for the exact same price that Trader Joe’s was selling it for!
Publix, normally expensive but in this case not
I wanted one more price point to compare, so we went to the most Florida store of all, WALMART, and we had the most WALMART-ISH experience a person could ever have.  No lie, this was like, uber Walmart.

Before we could get back to the canned drinks section, we had to pick up a couple of greeting cards.  But when we turned to enter the greeting card lane, you will NEVER GUESS WHAT WE SAW…  (Well, it is Walmart, so I bet you could guess LOTS of things, but I do not think you would ever guess correctly, so I am going to flat out tell you here…) – WE SAW HUMAN EXCREMENT!  Yes – POOP!  Human poop in the greeting card aisle!

And before you ask, no, it was not BABY poop.  And no, it was not DOG POOP.  It was full grown adult human freshly plopped poop.  And there was not just one plop, oh nooooo…  There were 2 large “plops” and a small one.  Not to mention the skid marks where someone had run their Walmart shopping cart THRU said poop, and (close your eyes if you are easily grossed out…), A FOOTPRINT from where some unfortunate soul, probably wrapped up in looking at greeting cards, stepped in it… 

It didn’t take long for a Wal-Mart associate to show up and “stand guard” at the end of the aisle, trying to prevent more poop spread.  But the gawkers kept gawking, including my partner David who for some reason could not take his eyes off the whole fiasco.  “Poop….” We kept repeating…  “Poop!  In the GREETING CARD AISLE!” as if the location made the whole thing even more egregious.  Pretty soon the Wal-Mart janitor showed up, perched atop his Walmart-esque zamboni machine, and sucked or whisked away said poop.  Even he was a bit disgusted by the whole affair, and you KNOW a Walmart janitor has seen it all before. 

Lucky for you, gentle readers, I do not have a photo to place here of the human poop in the greeting card aisle.  That is not for lack of trying – David decided he really needed photo documentation of this experience and tried to get one but couldn’t get his cell phone out and organized fast enough.

But I DO have this proof – the sign from the same San Pellegrino Limonata being sold at Walmart for ONE PENNY less than we paid at Trader Joe’s.

There you have it folks, a whole penny cheaper at Walmart!
So here’s the thing…  How much is a pleasant, clean, friendly, POOP-FREE shopping experience worth to you??  To me, it is worth much more than a penny.  I will gladly pay one cent more for my drinks to have a sanitary shopping floor.  Heck Trader Joe’s, you could even come in at a nickel over Walmart and you would still have my business.

Price - $4.99
Rating – 5
Experience in the greeting card aisle at Walmart in Ormond Beach, FL - priceless

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