Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 140 - A Midsummer Night's Cream

I ran out of lotion.  We are in Florida.  We went to a new Trader Joe’s for us - the one in Orlando!  I was verrrry tempted to buy the amazing lotion I purchased recently (which I do not currently have with me) that got an awesome 5 star review on day 120 (Lavender Hand and Body Lotion).  However, I have a commitment to this blog, and it means one new product review per day.  So purchasing NEW things is a requirement!  And it was in that spirit that I picked up this Midsummer Night’s Cream (well, I really liked the name of it, of course, and that made it easier to choose this and not the Lavender one, too…).

Very reasonable price - check out the signage - this is from the ORLANDO, FL TRADER JOE'S
Anyway, this cream says it is the “extra dry formula”, and they ain’t a kiddin’!  By “extra dry” I think they mean “you want this if your skin is made of cardboard”.  This is toooooo moisturizing.  I know, I know, that sounds impossible!  How could something possible moisturize TOO MUCH?  Try this cream and you will understand what I am trying to put into words. 

It is not that it is GREASY, per se.  It is not THICK, per se.   It is just, well, TOO DANG LOTION-Y!  I put it all over my body after my shower yesterday and today and both days I just feel like I have a COATING on me.  I use lotion every single day, so I KNOW lotion.  And let’s just say, this one is not on my list of favorites.

A bird's eye view of the cream
Then I thought, perhaps since it is called A Midsummer NIGHT’S Cream that it was only meant to be used before bed (at night) as an extra emollient extravaganza or something!  So I read the label, which clearly says, “For best results, it should be massaged thoroughly into the skin morning and evening, and as needed”.  Well, I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt!

It says it is an herbal blend with aloe, and I have been in the sun, so perhaps this will be good for my skin.  It is unscented.

Price - $3.99

Rating – 2.5


  1. Hello, enjoying every post, started at day 1. Did u go to the winter park TJ ' S in Orlando?? Heading out there soon.

  2. YES!! We did go to the Winter Park, FL store! I liked it! I do believe that is one where they were serving samples OUTSIDE, which we thought rocked. We have not seen another TJ's do that. I remember it well - they were serving watermelon! And guess what - we bought one (probably because of the sample). :)

  3. I feel the need to add a little comment here to update this review. I felt bad for giving this product such a low score and I thought maybe its meant to be used on winter skin. So now it's winter. It's Christmas Eve day. I have been using this lotion again on my skin for the last week. Granted, its not traditional winter weather here in Florida, it's 81 degrees right now. But even on winter skin, this lotion is too thick. It's still too creamy and two lotiony for me. So I will cease feeling guilty for giving it a low score the first time I reviewed it.