Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 137 - Concord Grape Juice

“Man, that’s good!”
These are the sounds/words I hear as I sit across the table from David eating breakfast.  He adores this Concord Grape Juice! 

We do not normally get our juice from Trader Joe’s, but we needed to stock up on non-perishable products to review while we are in a town with no Trader Joe’s (sad, I know, NO TRADER JOE’S!!).  Anyway, one thing we chose to bring is this grape juice, and we are glad we did!

It comes in a small bottle (1 quart) and it is not cheap ($3.99), but boy is it yummy.  It is “certified organic, pasteurized, and made from fresh pressed organic Concord grapes” (all from the label) but what we care about is “IS IT DELICIOUS?” and the answer is “YES IT IS!!”.

Not cheap, but grape juice never is really
The only downside to this product is that every time we have poured a glass, it somehow dribbles down the side of the bottle and gets onto the bottom of it.  That means when you put the bottle down on the counter or in the fridge, you get a ring of very hard to remove purple grape juice as a stain.  Something is not quite right with the design of the bottle.  I recommend always WIPING the bottom of the bottle after you pour so you do not have to do a clean up later.

Were it not for the messy grape juice rings, this would get a 5 star rating.  Alas, like Carrie Ann Inaba on Dancing with the Stars always dinging couples for doing lifts in their dances, I must ding this product a tiny bit due to the malfunctioning bottle.

Price - $3.99

Rating – 4.75


  1. I saw this post because of your link in the more recent review of the apple grape juice, and immediately put it on my TJ's shopping list. You're right--this is the real deal, the way grape juice was meant to be. Excellent find!

  2. Oh I am glad that you found THIS YUMMY juice (even if you had to read the review of the yucky one to get here...). It is awesome! So tasty.