Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 135 - Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce

Can you say, “Really tasty, healthy dinner that is easy to cook”??  If so, then you should try this Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce!  We had it for dinner last night and it was excellent.

This is the jar you want to get
Here is how we prepared dinner with it: 
1.        Sliced up some mushrooms
2.       Sliced some green pepper
3.       Sliced some onion
4.       Sautéed those
5.       Sliced some thin chicken breasts
6.       Sautéed that
7.       Poured some of the curry simmer sauce on the chicken, let it heat up
8.       Added the veggies into the pan
9.       Simmer, sauté, simmer
10.   Served over rice (also from Trader Joe’s, review to come soon)

We added a side of snow peas (which matched our plates!)
See how easy?  And healthy?  I know, you can’t see how YUMMY it was, but you should make some yourself to experience that.  The sauce is really tasty but not super spicy.  All we added was freshly ground salt and pepper!  And the price is really good, too, the nutritional info label says it is 6 servings and that seems about right for what we ate last night.

The sign says it is complicated to make, but TJ's has taken all the complication out of it for you!
I am looking forward to dinner tonight, because I know it is going to be leftovers of this stuff! 

Price – $2.49

Rating – 4.75

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