Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 134 - Rosemary and Thyme Maple Toffee Sunflower Seeds

This snack wins the award for “most flavors packed into a tiny bag”.  I mean, just LOOK at the name – we have:
1.        Rosemary
2.       Thyme
3.       Maple
4.       Toffee
5.       And, what is holding it all together, sunflower seeds!
That’s a heck of a lot of flavors! 

It also wins the award for “snack that makes me sing out loud a Simon and Garfunkel tune every time I open the bag to eat some” – can anyone sing along, “Parsley, sage, ROSEMARY AND THYME….”.

Each guest had their own adorable little bowl of this treat at the party
We served these as a small “amuse-bouche” or appetizer at our Trader Joe’s dinner party (if you are new to this blog, it was a dinner party last month where we ONLY served Trader Joe’s products, and then had our guests write their own reviews and rate things 1 – 5.  It was fun!).  We hadn’t tried them before the party.

Does seeing "rosemary" and "thyme" together make you start humming, too?
One thing I will say – do not go by your first taste.  They are sort of strange at first.  So put that strangeness aside and take a few more bites.  They get better!  One blurb on the back of the package says, “Unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before”.  They got that right!  They are distinctly different.  But I like them.  They are nothing I would want to eat every day, but as a different snack they hit the spot.  If I were to rate these on my own, I would give them a 3.75.  But since this was a dinner party food, let’s look at what the other reviewers said and then average all 6 scores:

-          “Ginger?  Something burnt – flavored…  Not unpleasant in the fingers.  Satisfyingly filling, like nuts.”
-          “Unexpected flavor and fun texture.”
-          “Ok, not a big fan.  A bit bitter (over caramelized).”
-          “Great in small snackfuls but intense sweet/savory combo is too much for just a snack.  I’d love these in a salad!”
-          “Good combo of flavors.”

Price - $1.99
Rating (average of 6 people) - 4

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