Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 131 - Rene Barbier Mediterranean White Wine

It is white. 
It is wine. 
It is cheap. 
It is fine.

 That is a little poem I just composed while drinking this Rene Barbier Mediterranean White wine.  As with most fine wines, we chose it because the label was pretty.  Actually, we chose it because we wanted to have a beach party, and the label has a nice beach scene on it, so it seemed like a good wine to serve at that party!  Sadly, I didn’t wait until said party to open it.  So there ya have it! 

Here it is at the low, low Trader Joe's price of $4.99
This wine is one penny under five bucks.  Serve it chilled.  It is fine.  It is crisp, fruity, and summery.  Is it something that will win awards in hoity toity wine competitions?  I doubt it.  But will it make your face wrinkle up in disgust when you drink it?  Nope. 

Well, now that I wrote that about winning awards, I feel as if I must do due diligence and Google to see if this wine HAS won awards!  One moment please…

Well, I see Total Wine agrees with my assessment that this wine is fruity (they are a bit more specific and call out pineapple and apple…).  And they also charge a full buck more for the same bottle of wine than Trader Joe’s does!

BUT WAIT – if you want to pay even MORE for the same bottle of wine, you could pick it up on Wine Log, who is charging $6.99 per bottle!  The reviews there by customers are for the most part good, including one reviewer named Jason who wrote, “ I imagine I would pair this with fish and poultry, but in reality I like it so much, I pair it with everything but water”.  That’s some high praise there, Jason. 

David, tasting the Rene Barbier Mediterranean White Wine after a day of volunteering at a No H8 photo shoot.
For my money, the best (and funniest) line in the review is:  “It’s clean and lean, with an almost spritzy citrus character and nuances of chalk and flint” – cuz who DOESN’T want to drink lean chalk and flint, right??

Price - $4.99 (but feel free to buy it from a website and not Trader Joe's if you want to spend more)
Rating – 3.25

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