Saturday, May 2, 2015

Day 122 - Brown Rice California Rolls

I don’t think I had bought sushi at Trader Joe’s before this, or if I did it was so long ago I don’t remember.  The first thing I noticed when I popped over to look at the sushi was how CHEAP it was!  I mean - $3.49 for a pack of sushi is crazy cheap compared to other stores!

But when I picked a package up and examined it I realized why – it is basically “half price” because it is HALF SIZED.  The sushi pieces were seriously about half the height of the pieces you see everywhere else.  Now before you get all up in arms about that let me just say – I LIKED THAT!!  That was what sealed the deal for me!  Sushi I could eat easily, in a single bite, without getting rice all over when I bit down and it busted and crumbled. 

Here they are in the store
So I brought them home with me for lunch.  I displayed them cutely on a plate for you to see instead of just wolfing them down out of the package.  Then David said, “Hey, I should put my finger in your photo so they can see just how petite these rolls are,” (or something similar), and so he did.

Here they are with David's finger
 Here is what I really LIKED about these California rolls:
·         Sweet little size
·         Good price
·         Wasabi came in a neat package, nice!

And where is what I DIDN’T LIKE about these California rolls:
·         Rice was tooooo sticky
·         Some of the rice was HARD
·         There was something SWEET tasting in the rolls, we couldn’t figure out what it was

A cheap price isn't everything
So, in the end, since TASTE is more important than value or size (even if the size is super cute…), I can’t give these a terrific rating.  I doubt I will get them again.

Price - $3.49

Rating - 3

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