Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 121 - Greens and Seeds Salad

Color me THRILLED.  Guys - TRADER JOE'S CORPORATE WROTE ME BACK!!  I have sent letters to most of the Trader Joe's stores we have visited this year and told them all about this blog (including BUSINESS CARDS I have had made for it!), but none of the stores has responded.  Then I wrote corporate and I got a great reply!  I was so excited!!!  I will include it here, but will redact the name of the person who wrote it (just in case she/he doesn't want their name publicized).
I know, I know, it is too big to fit on this page.  But I am EXCITED and I want you to read it!
Anyway, I wanted to share that excitement with you!  I will most certainly share my Top 10 Picks with them at the end of the year, and the Worst 10 Clunkers, too!

So, now, on to today's REVIEW:

Maybe I was just really hungry when I ate it, but this salad tasted GREAT!  It had an ingredient I would not ever put on a salad – butternut squash – but boy howdy I should put squash on my salads everyday if it makes them taste this good!  Also featured were GREENS and SEEDS (of the pumpkin and pomegranate varieties) – hence the name, see, GREENS and SEEDS Salad!  (Note:  in store artist at the Clarendon, VA store, there is a “write-o” on the signage, it is missing an “s” after “green”.)

Opps - missing a little s.
Really though, this salad has great ingredients!  There was loads of feta cheese and the balsamic dressing was spot on!  Oh, and there were tons of pumpkin seeds.  Half way through this salad I texted my friend to say, “Hey, if you are anywhere near a Trader Joe’s, swing in and pick yourself up a Greens and Seeds!”.   Yeah, I was THAT excited about it that I had to pause my eating and text.

This is before I mixed everything up!
I would say the only things that could be improved are:  fresher (read – more PLUMP) pomegranate seeds and a dressing container that didn’t get your fingers all oily trying to wrestle it open.  It they could make those two little tiny tweaks, they would be in the running for “best salad of the year” (grocery store category). 

And this is after I ATE evrerything up!!
Price - $3.99
Rating – 4.75

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