Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 268 - White Ribbon Semillon (white wine)

First, let’s try saying “Semillon”.  Apparently it is pronounced “Seh-meh-YON”.  Say it with me – “seh-meh-YON”.  You’ve got it!  (Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know, I totally had to ask.)

The label says “It has been called Australia’s unique wine gift to the world.  It is a crisp and refreshing wine, perfect with seafood, white meats, and salads.  It is from Australia’s oldest wine region.  It is the OTHER white wine…”

Ahhhh – clever!  I see what they did there!  They ripped off PORK’s big ad campaign about being the “other white meat”.  Clever buggers! 

Simple label.  Australians don't need no stinkin' artwork on their wine.
Ok.  So I was going to use “crisp” as my adjective to describe this wine, too, but now that I read the label to you, you are gonna think I just copied that from the bottle!  I did not.  I wrote down “crisp” before I read the label, I swear.  Of course, I say that about the majority of white wines that we drink…

It is nice.  It sets off whatever it is in your mouth that gets your saliva glands going…  Is that citrus?  It is not TOO DRY – we had it with Chicken Quesadillas (reviewed yesterday) and we also had it one night with a vegetarian meal and it was a good match for that, too.

Check it out - the wine peeps at TJ's also used "crisp" :)
David also used CRISP.  He said, “Nice, fine.  Good.  Crisp.  Pretty dry white wine.”

Oops – I said it WAS NOT all that dry…  Well, if you average our “dry” ratings together it is MEDIUM DRY!  J  And if I read the label better I would have seen that it bills itself as a “Classic Dry White”.  Hahaha!  OK OK IT IS DRY.  (But not tooooo dry, in my opinion.)

It has a screw top so it is easy to open.  We used to think screw tops were a bad thing, but the older we get the more we realize that screw tops are easy!  We would buy and drink this again.

G’day Australia!

Dublin, OH Trader Joe's FOUND GROCERY LIST board!
Bonus photo – I don’t have an “action” shot of us drinking this wine, so I will include a photo of this AWESOME bulletin board I found near the bathrooms of Trader Joe’s in Dublin, Ohio.  LOOK!!!  They pin up shopping lists that people leave in shopping carts!  Isn’t it great??  I would love to stand at the bulletin board and examine them.  What exactly were people coming to the store to buy?  Even more fun would be to compare those LISTS to the RECEIPTS to see what stuff they bought that they didn’t come in for!!  Anyway, I thought it was super cool.

Price – $6.99

Rating – 4.0


  1. TJs wine selection is freaking awesome. I suspect there is a huge variation store to store as well as regionally. Around the holidays i buy a case of the lambrusco (the red one) that i bring to holiday parties and such- it's just unusual enough everyone loves it.

    What a fun bulletin board! I would totally stand there reading all of them...!

  2. Yup - I bet there is variation between locations, too! In fact, the TJ's near us who wrote me back (yah for Clarendon, VA TJ'S!) said they have beer THERE that TJ's not more than a 15 minute drive away doesn't have!
    I will have to try the lambrusco this holiday season. Right now I am so into Emma Pearl though! We tried to buy even MORE the other night but store was sold out. Apparently we aren't the only ones who think Emma Pearl is amazing.

  3. I appreciate this helpful review! I'm hosting an Australian themed party and looking for affordable Australian wine that pairs well with vegetarian food. I'll get a bottle of this white wine. Thanks for being a taste tester and writing reviews on so many products.