Sunday, September 6, 2015

Day 249 - Emma Pearl Pinot Noir

I cannot believe this Pinot Noir is only $3.99.  Oh I hope, hope, hope Trader Joe’s keeps carrying it and I hope they don’t raise the price.  It is great!  

Simple label, lovely wine.  Flyer item!
Maybe it tastes so great because we have been drinking mostly white wine this summer and it is a nice change of pace to have a red.  But seriously, this really tastes good!  It is good with vegetables – I guess I think it would be good with ANYTHING.

David agrees with my assessment on this one and says, “It is a Pinot Noir, so it is light but it has some body to it!  It is really well balanced.  It even borders on a hint of “earthiness” but not too much, you know, like a heavy Cabernet Sauvignon or something.  It is really a good “go with everything” wine.” 

CHEERS - to a good, cheap Pinot Noir from Trader Joe's!
This is an all around good red to have on hand at all times.  We will be stocking up and squirreling away a few bottles as the weather gets colder. 

OH NO – before I posted this review I checked the Trader Joe’s site to see what they had to say about it.  Here is what is ringing in my ears, “When it’s gone, it’s gone…”.  NOOOOOOOO SAY IT ISN’T SO!

Holy smokes I need to get to Trader Joe's...  Gotta stock up!
 I am thinking perhaps I should not have told all of you about this one...  I should have kept it for myself!
Looks like I need to make a stock up trip even sooner than I expected.  I am coming, Trader Joe’s, I am coming!  Save me some Edwin Pearl Pinot Noir!  (Here is the link to the bad news - )

Price - $3.99 (insanely cheap)

Rating - 5


  1. Will this varietally correct ed ( 85% PN 15 Shiraz) gain complexity with two years cellaring?

    Betting yes on six cases cost less than one bottle of seriious burgundy in a restaurant.

  2. Oh no... Now I'm MORE stressed about this wine. Russell, we bought two cases but are quickly drinking our way through them... If we buy more cases could we be disciplined enough to cellar them two years and not DRINK them???? Your comment makes me want to try!

  3. I thought of you this morning at my local TJs in Northern California - there were cases of Emma Pearl displayed by the registers for $3.99/bottle! I hope this years is as good as last. Cheers!

    1. GIIIIRL YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE!!! I read your comment last night and was giddy! EMMA PEARL, BACK IN THE STORES?? Why, this meant we didn't need to squirrel away our remaining bottles! In the spirit of celebration, we opened a bottle last night! Why hoard, I thought, we can BUY MORE NOW!!
      Alas, our TJ's does not have it and cannot even ORDER it. :(
      So grab it Karen! Get some while you can.

    2. Oh no! Well, I should do my due diligence and TRY a bottle first ;) what are the laws on shipping wine between private parties across state lines??

    3. They don't let wine get shipped. Boo! But I am certain to find some - trust me, my antenna are now UP and I am in hunt mode. :) We got a case and taped it closed, planning to open in a year. We don't normally do that, but at $3.99 a bottle and at the suggestion of a fellow shopper, we thought, "WHY NOT???" so we did!

  4. Just got back from Traders and they have it in stock! First time trying this weekend.

    1. I hope you like it as much as we do!!! Let me know. :)