Friday, September 11, 2015

Day 254 - Baked Cheese Crunchies (Cheese Flavored Corn Snack)

I have recused myself from reviewing this product.  I like regular style Cheetos, but not the crunchy ones, and these just look too much like Crunchy Cheetos for me.  I fear my dislike of Crunchy Cheetos would negatively and unfairly color my review, so I am allowing a CHEETO EXPERT, David, to review these alone. 

David munching on Baked Cheese Crunchies while on a road trip ON HIS BIRTHDAY!
We picked up this snack in the Columbus (Easton) Ohio Trader Joe’s.  We saw this AWESOME sign there, which reminded me of another reason why I love TJ’s:

As if their good quality food, great prices, friendly employees, and clean stores weren't enough reasons to HEART Trader Joe's - here is yet another - THEY GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITIES they are in!!  Thanks TJ's!
Ok, on to the review of the product!

David:  (While snacking on these Baked Cheese Crunchies in the car on our drive home from Cincinnati) These are good…  They have less CHEESE and SALT taste than Cheetos.  But the bready taste of the actual corn thing-y inside is quite pleasant and flavorable.

Here is what the bag looks like
Susan:  Do you prefer THESE or the Crunchy Cheetos?

David:  CRUNCHY CHEETOS!  Cuz I like the salt. 

Susan:  Do these taste HEALTHIER than a Crunchy Cheeto?

David:  Yeah, I think they do…

Susan:  They come in a smaller bag.

David:  Yeah.  And it feels like I’m not eating as much powdered, flavored stuff.

Susan:  So what rating do you give ‘em?

David:  a 3.75

Susan:  Are they a good road trip snack??

David:  They are a good road trip snack.  IF you can’t get your hands on Cheetos…

Susan:  Have you ever eaten so many Cheetos that you threw up??

David:  Why, yes I have…

Susan:  (giggling) Last question – would you like a taste of this COCONUT WATER that I just opened to wash the Crunchies down with??  (giggle)  (Note - to read the super bad review Coconut Water got recently, look here:

David:  …  I am good, thanks…

As you can see, he was not sure he would like them while we were at the store, but all turned out okay
Price - $1.99
Rating – 3.75


  1. My husband and I love these. The name brand Cheetos taste like chemicals to us.

    1. I can totally understand that! I am sure these TJ's cheese crunchies are healthier than the name brand ones. :)