Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 253 - The Pass Sauvignon Blanc (2014)

This is a New Zealand wine.  The signage told us it was, “Bright and crisp with grassy and tropical fruit notes”.  Even before reading that I identified my first note as GRAPEFRUIT.  I really liked it.  It is not an overwhelming grapefruit, but just enough to make your mouth water and make you drink more wine.  Good on ya, winery, you have a product that will keep people chugging your wine!  J 

The Pass
It is a lovely wine and I think would pair well with everything! 

David agrees and says it is “Great.  Fruity.  Very crisp.  Very, ummm, puckery.  Acidic in a good way – not at all pejorative.”

Here are some adjectives we came up with to describe this wine:
·         Clean
·         Bright
·         Fresh
·         Light
·         Lovely
·         Bold

Then we realized “bold” probably wasn’t right but we were just trying to think of more adjectives…

See - they came up with some of the same adjectives we did!  :)  
I am going to include a photo of a sign in a Trader Joe’s I saw recently that I really like!  It was in the Cincinnati Ohio store.  That is NOT where we bought this wine (however we did buy two bottles of another kind of wine as thank you gifts for people in Cincy!).  Anyway, I am a sign language interpreter so really thought it was cool that they had a sign where the letters W I N E were spelled out in old time looking ASL!  Check it out!  Cool, eh?

Great signage in Cincinnati, OH
The TJ’s in Columbus, OH was sampling this wine when we went through on David’s birthday, so of course we grabbed a teeny tiny sample.  We already KNEW we liked it since we had drunk a bottle a week earlier, but a little sample never hurts! 

Price -$8.99

Rating - 4

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