Friday, December 25, 2015

Day 359 - Handfuls of Happy Trekking

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  I hope that your day has been memorable, joy filled, and all around HAPPY.  We have had a beautiful day here in Florida – the sun has been shining and the holiday spirit is all around.  J  It was over 80 degrees today, so we HIT THE BEACH. 


Do you wanna build a fauxman???
If there is one thing you need after a couple of hours at the beach, it is a SNACK.  So we were thankful that Paul from the Jacksonville Beach, FL store had gifted us that great TJ’s bag full of stuff, which included HANDFULS OF HAPPY TREKKING trail mix.  I put a bag of those into the beach bag before we hit the sand.

Bit blurry photo - my camera had sea salt/air on it by the time I took this :)
This big package contains ten SMALLER individual packages of trail mix.  Ingredients are almonds, cashews, pistachios, chocolate, cranberries, and cherries.

Cute sized little package of trail mix!
I would have to say that they are perfect beach snacks!  The little packs are sealed so no sand can get in, and each pack is a great size for one person (I only packed one, my bad, so David and I had to share that).  Actualllllly, it wasn’t just David and I who shared.  Beach birds have an UNCANNY skill to know when you have busted out something to eat!  The second I opened this bag of trail mix THIS fellow showed up to get a bit.

I experimented with the bird a bit and it turns out that birds (this particular bird anyway) does not like chocolate or cranberries.  But he/she DIGS cashew bits!!!  Sadly, so does David, so the two of them had to fight it out for cashews. 

I would give this trail mix a 4.5.  It has a good mix of ingredients.  I personally would prefer more ALMONDS, but David and the bird really liked the cashews.  J

These would be good treats to put into lunch bags, beach bags, hiking packs, and the like.  If you are snow skiing these would be GREAT in your jacket pocket to eat while going up a lift.  I am not usually a fan of pre-packaged tiny treats, I always feel like you must be paying MORE for the convenience of buying stuff pre-sorted into tiny bags and that I should just make my own little snack bags.  But this sure was easy to just grab and go!!   And when I do the math, these are only .69 cents per little bag, which doesn’t seem outrageous at all to me.

Here is what David thought:  “I thought these were good.  I liked them.  They were a nice mix.  They were not very salty – maybe they could have been saltier for me.  But it was a nice balance between the sweetness of the fruit and chocolate and the nuts.  It felt substantial enough to allay some hunger, yet light enough to be just a casual snack.  I would give these a 3.75 (the nuts could be roastier and saltier).”

David had to share with the bird, but at least our Fauxman didn't want any trail mix.
Here is what the bird who ate cashews thought:  “Chirp chirp chirp.  Peep chirp.  Peep peep peep peep.  Chirp!  Peep chirp peep 4.”

Here is a link to Trader Joe’s article on this product:  TJ's article on Handfuls of Happy Trekking

Price - $6.99 (so .69 per pack of trail mix, the cost of a candy bar or cheaper and just as tasty, plus healthier!)

Rating (average of 2 humans and 1 bird) - 4

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