Monday, November 30, 2015

Day 334- Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Confession:  I bought this product because I thought it was the most over the top, jumped the shark, ridiculous PUMPKIN PRODUCT that Trader Joe’s could possibly make.  If there is ONE THING in the world that DOES NOT NEED pumpkin spice, it is PUMPKIN SEEDS!  I thought, “Get real, Trader Joe’s!  You have taken it tooooo far this time with your pumpkin obsession!”.


Here is what the bag looks like

I packed up this ridiculous bag of Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin Seeds and brought it with me to Omaha, Nebraska, where we were heading for the Thanksgiving holiday and to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  Then I enlisted several family members to be guest reviewers!!  Here is what everyone thought:

Me:  I actually like these better than I expected.  I like regular pumpkin seeds but thought the concept of putting “pumpkin spice” on them would do nothing but ruin them.  Luckily, it turns out the “pumpkin spice” just sort of tastes like a sugar coating.  They are sort of nice!  I think one bag per pumpkin season might be enough, but they aren’t something that you should purposely avoid.  I would give them a 3.75

Annette (my sister) – “I wasn’t if I was going to like them when I heard the name “Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin Seeds”.  But I don’t taste pumpkin spice.  I do taste something sugary, I am not sure what.  Probably just SUGAR.  Sugary sugar!  They are very, very yummy!  I would top a salad with these or just eat them as a snack.  I wish they had a little bit more salt. They have a coating like you find on a sugar coated almond.  I would give these a 4.5.”

Mid bite - Annette taste testing Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin Seeds.
 Zach (partner of my nephew Jordan) – “I like ‘em.  I normally – with pumpkin seeds I prefer them to be more savory than sweet.  But these are obviously sweet - they have a distinctive kind of sugary crust on them.   As far as pumpkin spice is concerned, it is not particularly overwhelming.  I think it is kind of absent mostly.  They remind me of Bavarian spiced nuts.  Overall, I think these are pretty good.  I would personally give these a 2.75.” 

Zach, co-host of the gathering and a pretty hard scorer.
Trevor (my nephew, he wasn’t excited to try these because he doesn’t like pumpkin spice) – “They are alright.  Nothing to write home about.  I don’t really taste pumpkin spice.  I dunno…  I am trying to decide what I taste…  hmmm…  They are kind of addictive but I am not sure why!  They are alright.  But I am not a big SEED guy, so…  They are not BAD, but they are just not that GOOD.  I give them a 2.5.”

Dang - Trevor is a tough grader, too!
Elizabeth (partner of my nephew Trevor) and Hadley (their 5 month old daughter, who didn’t actually taste the pumpkin seeds cuz she doesn’t have any teeth yet…) – “They are good.  They taste like coated sunflower seeds.  I do not taste pumpkin spice.  But I can’t tell you what it tastes like though…  I would give them a 4.”
Not a great photo of Elizabeth and baby Hadley was sleeping, shhhhh
Nate (my nephew) – (note:  Nate tried these without knowing what in the world he was eating, we didn’t tell him what they were) “These taste like those sugared peanuts that Grandma Mary used to make.  But they are not peanuts.  I think they are PUMPKIN SEEDS.  (I asked if he tasted any pumpkin SPICE)  Nope.  No pumpkin spice.  But they are not bad.  They have too much flavor to put on top of chicken or something, but I would eat them by themselves.  I would give them a 3.75.”
Nate is the king of funny faced photos
David – “I think it is great that these have the advantage of slight sugar but they do not give up the saltiness that you need for the nut-ness.  I like ‘em!  I am gonna give ‘em a 4.5.”

David likes 'em!  And isn't the Christmas tree behind him gorgeous???
Well, it is unanimous – Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin Seeds DO NOT taste of pumpkin spice.  And all reviewers agreed, they are better for that.  I guess I am not the only one who thinks that the flavor of “pumpkin spice” is over used and over rated! 

I am not sure if you can still find these at TJ’s this season, since the shelves have morphed into a chocolate filled holiday wonderland.  But if they are gone this year and you see them next October, do not be scared off by the name – “pumpkin spice” is nowhere to be tasted.

Price – $2.99

Rating (average of all raters listed above) – 3.75

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