Thursday, November 26, 2015

Day 330 - Toblerone (candy bar)

Damn autocorrect...  Anyway - TAPPY HHANKSGIVING from us to you!!
Hope your Thanksgiving holiday is full of joy, food, and thankfulness.

Now, onto the REVIEW!

This is what it looks like.
Here’s the deal:  you know Toblerone.  It is a famous candy bar.  It is Swiss.  It is in a weirdly shaped box (that is hard to wrap as a gift).  It tastes good.  It is expensive.

Only here’s the tricky part:  at Trader Joe’s, it is NOT expensive!

I know, right??!!!!

Here is it at Trader Joe's - same candy bar you will find everywhere else but for a fraction of the cost
I buy Toblerones once or twice a year as gifts for our niece and nephews (who used to live in Germany).  This is how I know they are difficult to wrap – I have wrapped my share of Toblerones.  I like to not put them in another box before I wrap them – I present them to the kids in all of their triangle shaped glory, only slightly masked by shiny wrapping paper.  It makes me smile – it is the gift that cannot be hidden by mere paper.

So this item is something that you would buy at TJ’s based on price alone.  it is the same candy bar you are going to get at Safeway, Rite Aid, or Target.  Same candy, different price.  BETTER PRICE at TJ’s.

And here is the big twist – because of Toblerone I recently learned that Trader Joe’s ACCEPTS COUPONS!


I had never even considered the idea.  Prior to this project I used coupons at other stores when I could.  In fact, I am still clipping coupons out of the Sunday Washington Post (even though I end up throwing most of them away after they expire before I use them these days).  But I saw one the other day for Toblerone so thought I would try it!

It worked!!  The TJ’s cashier was happy to take the coupon!  He said that TJ’s DOES take coupons, but because most of the products are store brand there are not normally coupons that apply.  Only mine did!  Wheee!

So not only did I save a bunch by just choosing to purchase the candy bar at TJ’s instead of across the street at Safeway, I saved EVEN MORE by using a coupon.

Spend a ton for the same thing at Safeway (same size)
Like to waste money?  Go to a drugstore and buy one

OR BE SMART - buy the same exact candy bar, same quality, same size, at Trader Joe's.
Savvy shoppers unite!

Price – $1.99 (even LESS if you have a coupon!)

Rating – 5 (that is a rating for the yumminess of Toblerone & the great price at TJ’s)

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