Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 324 - Georges Dubouef Beaujolais Nouveau 2015


I reviewed the 2014 Beaujolais Nouveau on DAY 2 of this blog. 2014 review here

 We were lucky enough last November to happen into a Trader Joe’s at exactly the right moment to snag some.  But THIS YEAR, ohhhh this year we were PREPARED!!!  We knew Beaujolais Nouveau Day was the 3rd Thursday of November and so marked it on our calendars!!!  I called TJ’s that night at 9:00 PM (we had one hour to rush over if it was in stock) but they said, “Nope, not yet!  We will have it on the shelves tomorrow…”.

So you can bet your sweet bippy that on Friday evening as soon as we could we got ourselves to Trader Joe’s!  We marched in and said (sorta loudly), “HAPPY BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU!!!” and they smiled and said, “It’s over there!”. 

Ahhhh…  David in the wine department (Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia) was friendly and helpful.  We snagged 6 bottles and of course drank one with dinner!!

Grab them while you can!!!!
Here is what we thought:   THIS WINE IS NICE.  It is super fruity.  It smells and tastes like JAM (but jam in a good way, I am not a jam fan (like, jam on toast) but THIS KIND OF JAM I can get behind!!  David kept saying it tasted “fresh”.  Thing we smiled, realizing how much marketing influences taste.  Can we really TASTE the “fresh” or do we associate that word with this type of wine since that is how it is sold to us?  Who knows – either way it is delicious!

It is not a pretentious wine, we went with a traditional French glass.  You can drink it out of anything - just DRINK IT!
What is all boils down to is this: I think we like this wine as much for the EVENT as for the TASTE.  It is a fun thing to celebrate – WINE!  Isn’t nice to set aside a day each year to be happy about wine???  We have a day for nurses, a day for Grandparents, a day for bosses, shouldn’t there be a day for wine?

Looks like they ever wrote a bit fancier on this price sign - even the sign maker must be excited!  
And sure, you can find this wine in other stores, but it will cost more.   And the people who sell it to you will not be as excited about it as the wine guys at TJ’s are.

This year's label is pretty, no?
Each TJ’s only has a few cases and it will sell out quickly.  The store we were at said theirs would be gone this weekend.  SO GO TODAY.  Get a bottle or two.  Have a toast to wine, to France, and to life.  L’Chaim!

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Price - $9.99

Rating – 4.75

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