Monday, November 16, 2015

Day 320 - Chicken Pot Pie (fresh)

Let's start with something FUN - Clarendon Trader Joe's (Virginia, right outside Washington DC) is where the awesome Rebekah works.  She is the only store rep who has written me back (out of the 21 stores we have visited and I have written to about this blog project).  Her store is now having THIS super fun contest:

Well, we do not have a dog or cat...  So we do not consume TJ's pet food products (this sign was hanging in the pet food aisle).  HOWEVER, we do have a couple of furry friends who like TJ's stuff, so went sent in these entries:

Ted loves TJ's honey
Ty is a fan of TJ's bananas

Aren't they adorable?  :)  Seriously though, I think it is great that some Trader Joe's store really get into the "fun spirit" and host stuff like this.  Ok, now onto today's review.

This was not a frozen chicken pot pie, but one of the “fancier” fresh ones that are in the refrigerated section (by the hummus and cheeses).  I think it is a seasonal item. 

I wish I would have grabbed the TURKEY Pot Pie right next to this...  Maybe we just got a bad one??
David loved this.  He even uttered , “Deee-licious.”

I cooked this (and by “cooked” I mean “put it in the oven which was preheated to 375 and followed the instructions for how long to cook it”.  It isn’t rocket science).  And STILL…  sigh.  It was super watery and not even HOT all the way through even though I left it in the oven longer than the instructions said.  I think the instructions need to be modified. 

David agreed that it was too watery and seemed to try to veil his suspicion that I somehow cooked it wrong (I HEATED IT UP, WHAT COULD GO WRONG??) by saying that, “Even despite the consistency it was great.  it may be possible to cook this in such a way that it was not quite this watery”. 

He looks over the moon about it and he hasn't even TASTED it yet
I was disappointed in this puppy.  When I took it out of the oven it looked like it was cooked.  It wasn’t until I had cut it in half and put it on plates that I realized it was still very chilly inside.  I had to bung it in the microwave. I thought the chicken chunks in this were too big and some had hard BITS.  There wasn’t a lot of creaminess – it could use a creamier sauce.

Here it is before I cut it.  See, how was I to know it was still COLD on the inside?  Deceptive...

Here is the watery mess of the inside.  Note:  no steam coming off of this...
Also, does it look like the picture on the front of the box?  Not so much...
I think we had this last year in the autumn and we remembered it as being good.  But maybe we had the TURKEY pot pie and not the chicken one, perhaps this is different.  This brought nothing special to the table and needed salt and pepper just to add some jazz.

The container says this dish is 3 servings.  We would beg to differ and say it is 2, maybe 2.5 if you have half a person at your dinner table.  We cut it down the middle and each ate half.  Then again, we didn’t make a vegetable to go with it.

I say skip this chicken pot pie and buy a cheaper frozen one.  it might not be “fancy” but it will be less watery.  Or better still, buy TJ’s Chicken Pot Pie Ravioli!  Now THOSE are yummy and well priced!  Chicken Pot Pie Ravioli review here

David gives this a 4.25.  I give it a 3.25 (that is being a bit generous).

Price – $6.99
Rating – 3.75


  1. You'd think that the turkey pot pie and the chicken pot pie were the same, just with different meat. But they're not. They're completely different. And the turkey one is much, much better than the chicken one. I've just had both for the first time within the last two weeks. Reviews are pending somewhere in my ridiculously long backlog of blog posts, so it will be a while before you see them. But do try the turkey one with root vegetables and cornbread stuffing. You'll thank me for the tip.

    1. I am glad to see you post that, because I thought I was going a little nutty... I THOUGHT it was super tasty last year, but now I feel more than ever it was a TURKEY Pot Pie and not Chicken. Was your chicken one super WATERY? Bleck.

  2. Oh, and I also submitted a picture of my cat to the contest. I hope they consider a Trader Joe's grocery bag as a Trader Joe's "item." See her beauteousness here:

    1. So adorable!!! The store will be excited to get another entry.

    2. I hear that her portrait has now been printed out and added to the bulletin board in that store.

    3. :) WE TOTALLY NEED TO GO LOOK! I need to go pick up birthday flowers today anyway - will peek for you!