Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 314 - English Peas

The package for these English Peas said to boil water and put peas in for no longer than 90 seconds.  I confess, I left them in a bit longer, because once I put them in the water stopped boiling and didn’t resume boiling until after the 90 seconds was up…  I gave them an extra 25 seconds.  I followed the package instructions for “English Peas” – mince an onion, cook it in olive oil, boil peas, then mix together.

Find them in the fresh veggie department in a little bag
But before cooking them I ate a few peas raw and they were DELICIOUS.  They were super tasty and just screamed “PEA!!!!!”.  They tasted so fresh!  After this first meal that included English Peas I bought them again and ate many of them raw – I put them in salads, plus just ate them out of a little bowl as if I were snacking on nuts.  They are really yummy that way.

Raw, in a salad.  Very tasty.
As for the cooked version – these are much bigger than the peas I am used to, and that is cool.  Even after cooking they are still a bit hard.  I liked that – they are not mushy at all.  (My experience with peas in England was that they were mushy which was a strange pea texture.)  I like these!  They are something different.  It is not often that you happen across a new vegetable (though we have found two other excellent ones (both got 5 star reviews!) this year at Trader Joe’s – kale sprouts and baby honeynut squash, but neither are available right now L.  Still, you can see the reviews of them here: Kale Sprouts and Honeynut Squash (miniature) ).  I like these English Peas and will be serving them as our green veggie with dinner now that we have discovered them at TJ’s.

Here they are cooked, also really good.  Served with an omelet (dijon and fresh pesto for dipping!) and rice.
David agrees – he also liked them.  He thought they had more “snap” when eaten fresh (agreed!) and that the raw version was a bit more fun to eat.  He says he prefers a little French Petite Pois (damn doesn’t that comment sound uppity???).  But he likes these English Peas and says, “They are nice”.

Here David makes an honest mistake in Trader Joe's, confusing PEA for PEE...  I mean, who hasn't done that?
David in London - NOT a mushy pea fan...
Fish, chips, and MUSHY PEAS in London

We do not often have a side dish of just peas (snow peas are the exception).  When I was a student at good old Pawnee Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska I had a “pea incident”.   A mean lunch lady forced me to eat some of the disgusting, mushy, wrong-shade-of-green peas on my plate.  Being a rule following little girl, I did as I was told.  Then I promptly JUMPED UP and rushed out of the cafeteria (which was also the gym…) to head for the toilets to throw up.  I didn’t make it.  Sorry Mr. Janitor, he had to haul out the infamous bucket of saw dust to cover my green pile of vomit.

Anyway, after that “incident”, peas were never high up on my list of vegetables.  But I can say that I have grown up and they do not make me gag anymore.  We eat TJ’s bagged frozen peas and will now add these delightful English Peas to our menus, too.  You can find them in the fresh veggie department (not frozen).  We like that these are a bit different than your normal run of the mill pea.

Price – $3.49

Rating – 4.25


  1. They are nice--but expensive. And did you notice where these "English Peas" are from?

    1. Gotta admit, I didn't look where they are from. I think they are worth the splurge for the price, though. Especially RAW. Now that I am writing about them I am getting hungry for some...

    2. Rakewell, I had to Google images to find out where they are made as it would drive me crazy. Very funny!

  2. To see where the peas are from, see Nina's comments here: http://exploringtraderjoes.blogspot.com/2015/01/trader-joes-english-peas.html

    1. I LIKE THESE PEAS. I am going to splurge on them again. They are tasty! I gotta eat 'em. Don't hate me Nina. :)