Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 273 - Toffee Chips

This is a lovely designed little package of treats.  It is split evenly down the middle – one side of the package is all DARK chocolate toffee chips and the other side is all MILK chocolate toffee chips.   This makes it pretty and gives you a feeling of choice (so not like having a box of all the same cookies!). 

Before we even PURCHASED them David was happy about Toffee Chips
The toffee is quite thick and really STICKS in your teeth.  That is a downside, but the upside is that it tastes really good.  I personally prefer the MILK chocolate ones over the dark, the milk chocolate just pairs really well with the toffee. 

David also prefers the milk.  He says the dark chocolate brings out “the burnt bitter aspect of the toffee that is not all that pleasant to me”. 

New Arrival!  Toffee Chips
The fact that we both prefer the milk chocolate ones presents a problem for our household, but not a divorceable one.  I mean, I think if he can put up with this pile of bubble wrap I have strewn on the dining room floor (for a project I am working on) and if I can put up with the hole in the spare bedroom ceiling that has been there for months that he is “going to repair”, those are much worse things in the grand scheme of things than one of us hogging all of the milk chocolate toffee chips… 

My pile of bubble wrap...  Hey - I have a PROJECT to do here!
(Note:  no photo of the ceiling hole.  We have a very old house, occassional holes are to be expected.  :))
David says if the whole piece of a candy were a little thinner then they wouldn’t be so “tooth break-y and sticky”.  I agree with that – make the toffee part a little thinner please Trader Joe’s.  I also think David is right that the burnt taste of the toffee works better with the milk (I sort of like the burnt taste, he doesn’t).

These would be good to put on a holiday cookie platter.  You could totally pretend you made them.  If you are super busy and need to add something to a work platter, put these in a Tupperware container (sans any TJ’s packaging of course!) and call them yours.  J  This holiday hack brought to you by Trader Joe’s 365.

Price – $3.49

Rating – 3.75

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