Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 272 - Beef Sirloin Tri-Tip Kansas City BBQ Flavored Recipe

Here they are in the store, just waiting to be selected to go home with someone

David cooked this for us – we usually split cooking duties with him in charge of meat (if we have it) and me doing the vegetables and salad. 

Here he is while still at TJ's, saying "MEEEEEAAATTTT!"
For me, this beef was nice and tender, and the taste was good, but there was sooo much F-A-T.   I got globs of fat with almost every bite.  Perhaps we were supposed to be smart enough to shave that off before plating it, but it seems like if we HAD cut it off we would have had one tiny chunk of meat left for dinner…   Maybe the fact that it had so much FAT is what made it nice and tender.   (As you might surmise here, I am not the meat expert in our house.  I could do fine on a vegetarian diet but my fun partner likes red meat once in a while.)

As for the BBQ sauce on it, it was okay but a little sweet for me.  I preferred the bites that were not drenched in that sauce.

The meat master slicing this up
For David – he was disappointed in the lack of sauce.  (See, sometimes we have opposite opinions on stuff.)  He thought the sauce was too “on just the outside of the beef” and not enough sauce in general.  He felt the meat was not “juicy and succulent” but not too tough.  He thought if he cut off the fat before serving, it might have been “less unpleasant”.

Wait til it is on the PLATES please, David...
This beef cannot hold a candle to the filet mignon roast we served months ago for the Trader Joe’s dinner party, that’s for damn sure.  filet mignon roast here   I don’t feel the need to buy this Tri-Tip KC BBQ recipe again. 

David gives this one a 3.5 and I concur.

Price – $7.99 lb

Rating – 3.5

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