Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 256 - Turkish Honey

We bought this honey in early 2015 in a LaJolla, CA Trader Joe’s.  As sometimes happened early on in this project, we would see a product in another state at a Trader Joe’s and think, “Wait!  We do not have that at our LOCAL Trader Joe’s!”.   We would be envious!!  And we would BUY said product, thinking we had scored a special gem.  Later, upon returning home and going to our local Trader Joe’s, we would inevitably find the same product on the shelf there…  In truth, most Trader Joe’s carry the same products.  There are a few local items at some stores, but 9 times out of 10 you can find the same products in different states.  (Local BEER is an exception, and some local wines as well.) 

La Jolla, CA Trader Joe's signage - cool lettering, eh?
So though we BOUGHT it early on in this project, we only recently got around to opening it.  Yes, we flew with it in a checked suitcase (couldn’t carry it in our carry on, honey is liquid) from California, put it in the cupboard, and waited months to open it.  We do not get through a ton of honey in our household so this one waited for us until another bottle was empty.

It was worth the wait!

Here is the bottle - can you see the pretty color of the honey?
I served it the other morning over Greek yogurt and peaches.  Here is what we thought of it:

David – “GREAT.  HONEY.  Smooth.  Rich.  Sweet, but not overly sweet.  And with the fabulous lingering afater-taste – no, it is really a taste at the “back end” of the experience like a Crème Caramel Brulee.  I have had many honeys, this is my favorite.  (I clarified here- your favorite of ALL THE HONEYS YOU HAVE EVER HAD IN YOUR LIFE, or of the Trader Joe’s honeys you have had, or what??)  Of all the honeys I can REMEMBER, which severely limits the field (this concept cracked us both up, because David, though he has an amaaaazing memory for the physical work in his solo shows, in general has a pretty crappy memory).   It is nice.“

Susan – This honey comes in a larger container than most honeys (1 lb 8 ounces), which worried me because, as I mentioned above, we do not get through a ton of honey.  David eats the majority of honey consumed in our house.  The last year or so I have taken to putting sugar on my yogurt (I know, I know, spreading SUGAR on yogurt immediately negates any and all health impacts the yogurt may have had…).  The “sugar on yogurt-y like food” thing is something I learned in Paris when we used to cover these little Petit Suisses with sugar.  Yummmmmy. 

Isn't is BEAUTIFUL?  Look at it pouring out - ahhhhh....  
Anyway, I was worried the container was too big for our use, but I think we will get through this one.  David loves this one so much he swears he will get through it.  We usually buy the cute little Honey BEARS, you know the ones.  But this honey is muuuuch tastier than those bears.  It is a darker, more golden color, too.  The cheaper honey bear honey is more yellow and see through.

The label says that the honey bees making this honey primarily foraged Rock Rose, Citrus, Wildflowers and Turkish Pines.  Maybe it is the PINES that give it that different taste.  It almost tastes a little bit burnt, but burnt in a GOOD WAY – a warm, nice, toasty way.  It is SWEET, but with a warm, toasty taste. 

Ahhhh- yogurt, fresh peach, and this golden  honey, what a tasty breakfast!
I like this a lot better than other honey we have had.  It is a good product and we think you should try it.

Price – $5.99

Rating - 5


  1. I don't have this at my trader joe's..! :/
    Honey on greek yogurt with fruit is like the perfect breakfast. I'm sure you'll use it in hot tea and oatmeal this winter.

    1. YOU DON'T HAVE THIS ONE AT YOUR TJ'S?? Oh this is sad... You are a honey FAN. This is unfair. I tell you what - I would like to TREAT you to a bottle of this! It is THAT good. And you have been so kind and supportive of my work on the blog. I want to mail you a bottle. How can I contact you to get a mailing address, Ttrockwood?? Seriously, you need to try this honey. :)

  2. Oh you're too sweet!!
    How about we trade Trader joe's honey?? My TJs has this awesome local brooklyn "hot honey" that has chili pepper flakes in it (!!) and is this crazy sweet hot combo- one of the local pizza shops uses it on their pizza!
    Send me your address at : and i'll send you mine so we can swap sweet stuff :))

    1. A HONEY SWAP! That sounds lovely! Let me check and make SURE our local Virginia TJ's has this honey (since we got it while we were travelling). Oh I hope they do!!! :)

    2. Went to our local TJ's tonight and they HAD THE HONEY. Email coming your way for coordinating the official "honey swap"! :)