Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 252 - Salmon and Vegetable Croquettes

This product, found in the frozen food section, contains salmon, edamame, broccoli, kale, and chia seed.  I cooked them the quick way – nuked them in the microwave for 45 seconds, then pan fried them. 
They looked pretty much like the package after I cooked them - truth in advertising here.
The box says they could be, “Served as an hors d’oevre or a main course and be a super star in your own kitchen.”  I say, “If there is one thing I wanna be, it is a super star (just kidding, not really my life goal).”  The serving size is two and there are four croquettes in the package, making this a perfect size for a main course for my main squeeze and I.

These were good.  They were “salmon-y” without the taste of the salmon being overpowering.  It was nicely balanced by the other ingredients.  I couldn’t really single out any of the veggies involved – they all sort of blended together.  We served them with mashed potatoes, broccoli, and fresh corn.  It was a good meal.  We drank The Pass Sauvingon Blanc with the dinner, which will be reviewed tomorrow.

Here are the croquettes in "action", ready to be gobbled up
David says, “These were meaty enough to be a main course, but had crunch and vegetable enough to be interesting (whatever that vegetable was, maybe celery?)”.  SEE!  He could not distinguish the veggies either!  He continues, “The outside breading was nice and crunchy without seeming just be trying to provide filling.”

These work out to cost $1.37 per croquette - not bad really
We will get these again.  They do not go on my mental MUST EAT OFTEN list, but they are good and a nice change of pace for us.

Price – $5.99

Rating – 4.25


  1. You might be interested in the post I just put up about this product on my blog. :-)

    1. Aww shucks - thanks for giving me a shout out and link on your blog!! I hope Nina wins and you gett hese and cook them for her again. :)

  2. The crunch is the Chia Seeds. There is no celery in the Salmon and Vegetable Croquettes. Kale, Edamame, Ginger, Cilantro, Broccoli