Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 247 - Vodka of the Gods

Vodka of the Gods - the GODS mind you!!
We are by no means vodka experts.  David’s father used to drink a vodka tonic, one every night.  When he was going downhill in his later years we moved in with him to take care of him, and every single night we would make his vodka tonic.  I had never really had that drink before that time, but boy did I come to like them.  We would sit in the study, which was also where the television was, and watch something (sometimes “Fear Factor”) while we ate dinner off little trays and drank our vodka tonics.  Nice memories…

Mr. Gaines - the world's best father-in-law
 So when we were at Trader Joe’s in La Jolla, California earlier this spring, I was very surprised to see VODKA!!!  Our local Trader Joe’s only carry beer and wine.  California was the first TJ’s I had been to that stocked hard liquor.  So even though we knew it was ridiculous because we would have to FLY with a big ass bottle of vodka, David caved into my giggling and we put it in the cart.

LOOK!  Liquor at a Trader Joe's!!  People in California have no idea how lucky they are...
It made it home safely in our luggage (it’s a plastic bottle) and got put away in the cupboard, with the other bottles of vodka that do not get drunk.

And that is where it sat for MONTHS until recently, when I said, “Hey, let’s have a VODKA TONIC!” and pulled that puppy out.

Supplies - a vodka tonic in the making...
Like I said, we are not experts.  This vodka tasted fine to us.  It brought back good memories of Mr. Gaines (David’s dad).  But the big 1.75 liter bottle is only $10.99…  I guess what I am saying is, if you are some fancy schmancy vodka drinker who wants only the super duper exclusive stuff and looks down their nose at regular vodka, this might not be your drink.

Yes, we know that is not the "correct" glassware to drink a vodka tonic out of.  I TOLD you are not experts, didn't I?
(But really, more than that, we are rule breakers...)
But if you are like us and just want a vodka tonic that tastes good, buy a bottle!  (That is, if your store carries hard liquor.  It all depends on local regulations.)

Only $10.99
Price - $10.99

Rating – 4


  1. Thank you for sharing your memories and experience. I take a couple of shots of this vodka and chase it with my favorite vegetable drink I make fresh. It gives me a great buzz with absolutely no hang over. I keep it in the freezer so I guess the taste won't get you when you take a shot. Best bang for your bucks.

    1. Can you tell us what is in your favorite veggie drink?? Do I need to have a fancy juicer to make it (we only have a blender - lame I know...).