Friday, February 10, 2017

Tulip Time

In 2016 I reviewed Trader Joe’s tulips bulbs in a glass vase.  I loved them.  You can see that review here:  2016 review of Tulip Bulbs in Glass Vase

Looks like last year I scored PINK tulips!
Less than 2 weeks after I reviewed them, they BLOOMED, and I posted a reminder that life is, indeed, short, and you should just buy the damn tulip bulbs while Trader Joe’s has them briefly in stock.  You can see THAT review here:  2016 tulip reminder

And boy were they gorgeous when they bloomed!!

So, now it is 2017.

Have you figured out the pattern yet???

YES!  Trader Joe’s has once again started carrying their seasonal TULIP BULBS in a GLASS VASE!!  This is the time, friends!  This is when you need to treat yourself.  Maybe it is cold where you are (as it is right now in Washington DC where we are).  Maybe it is sunny and warm (like, if you live in Austin, Texas or something).  But whatever the weather, wherever your location, YOU DESERVE THESE TULIPS. 

I GOT YELLOW ONES THIS YEAR!!!  Picked them up at the Bailey's Crossroads, VA Trader Joe's.
Trader Joe's has not raised the price on these one penny, and they are worth the (almost) $9.00 they cost.
A sign that SPRING is on the way - the birds are checking out the backyard looking for ideal nesting spots!
Mrs. Dove is BACK!
Treat yourself.  Treat your friend.  Treat your neighbor or your lover.  GO GET SOME TULIP BULBS IN A GLASS VASE and marvel, like I am, as they come to life on your coffee table!

Price:  still $8.99
Rating:  still 4.75

Another sign that SPRING is coming - it was 70 degrees one day this week!  Look, David wore SHORT SLEEVES!
(The temperature later plummeted that same night...)


  1. Those are going to be beautiful when they bloom. I use to have a few tulips. I think the squirrels ate my bulbs.

  2. THEY ARE BLOOMING!!! I now have 3 bright yellow tulips in the vase on the coffee table!