Monday, February 22, 2016

Tulip Bulbs in Glass Vase


Of course, this is easy to declare on a day like today:  I have the day off work, the sun is shining, and it is a glorious day.

Ask me again in a couple of days when it is cold and rainy and I might not have such a positive outlook.

In any event, for now anyway, IT IS SPRING.  And Spring means BLOOMS – trees, tulips, crocus…  Spring is LOVELY!!! 

LOOK - flowers are starting to pop up in our yard!!
The other night we were in line at TJ’s and a lady in the line next to us had 2 glass vases that I had never seen at the store before.  I asked her about them and she was happy to explain – they were glass vases with tulip bulbs in them!!!  You keep water in the bottom of the vase, leave it in the sun, and before you know it VOILA – YOU HAVE TULIPS!!!   She said she gives them to her grandmothers every year.  Can we get a collective “Awwwwww” for that??  I mean, is that not a PERFECT grandma gift??  She said her grandmothers are thrifty, too, and they always use the glass vases for something else when the tulips are done.  I have to think that the grandmas also take the bulbs and plant them outside somewhere, too.

Tulip Bulbs in a glass vase
So I sort of wanted to grab one that night, but we were already in line.  And they were $8.99, which seems sort of expensive…  Plus, my grocery store date didn’t say, “Susan, you NEED that!  Let me go grab one for you!!”.  So, I didn’t get one.

But I kept thinking about it.  So today when we went back to TJ’s I grabbed one!!  I went for PINK.  I think I would have preferred the PURPLE actually, but the pink ones were less developed, meaning I will get to watch them bloom more!  I can’t wait to see the flowers pop out.

Look - I got one!!!
So yes, $8.99 does seem a wee bit pricy for 4 tulip bulbs in a glass vase.  But they are imported from HOLLAND, so they must be fancy.  :)  And do you know what?  I am worth it – and so are YOU!  And we make like grandmas and use the glass vases for something else after the tulips die, right? 

Looky looky - 2 pink tulips are already starting to make their appearance...   
I recommend you go to Trader Joe’s stat and pick one up.  I am most certain they will not have these Spring time beauties for very long.  Splurge a bit on yourself.  And while you are there, get one for your mom.  And your grandma.  They aren’t going to be around forever, you know, and if you are lucky enough to still have them in your life, SPOIL ‘EM. 

Here are a couple of other signs of SPRING at the Big Yellow House! 
Peachy - the peach tree - is getting buds!

Mr. and Mrs. Dove are hanging out in the dogwood tree almost
all the time now!  Can eggs be far behind??

And the dogwood will be in bloom soon, too!!
Price - $8.99

Rating – 4.75


  1. hi, can you please tell me how often you change water? Thank you.

    1. Hi there! I changed the water every couple of days on mine. Sadly, mine are done now. But I took them out of the water and am drying them out. I am going to plant them outside!